The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt strategies

Finally The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available - and becomes the extensive, epic and enthralling RPG that fans of CD Projekt have hoped. We have several helpful tips to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt collected for you, facilitate you the entry into the world of Geralt. If you are still undecided whether you want to purchase the new Witcher RPG game, read our The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review . "CD Projekt has done it: The Witcher 3 is one of the few RPGs where the competition must be judged in the future,"

You must have a torch

Buy a torch as early as possible from the merchants, provided that you have not yet found in the game world. The thing is required! Many dungeons and interiors are in fact so dark that you can barely see your hand in front of eyes. A torch lasts forever. For difficult fights in the dark or go through dark caves, on the other hand recommends the drink "cat" - so Geralt can even see in total darkness. You should always have it!

Small Update: It seems that CD Projekt has now added the torch for standard inventory.

Eyes on the merchants!

Speak in principle to all standard dealers, recognizes a small bag icon on the minimap. Look their offer through to construction plans, maps, drink recipes, many of which can be very useful! Particularly important are the multipart notepad that can get from some retailers, because the switch quest lines for lost witcher equipment free. The first of these are already in the starting area's white garden!

Pick up and improve Sorcerer Equipment (green items)

Sorcerer equipment (weapons such as clothing) usually has very good values. However, you must ensure only solve the corresponding Quest, see the blueprints and then be prepared when the items craftsmen. Crafted sorcerer equipment shall be deposited in inventory green - these items should lift you, if possible, so do not sell or decomposed into material! Later, you get namely result quests, through which you can upgrade the old sorcerer equipment in new, more powerful versions.

Expand Gwint's deck

For a really good Gwint deck requires their special hero cards that you can get only through corresponding Quest series. (All Gwint quests revolve around these special cards!) To beat the well-armed opponent, you have but only once a functioning base deck - ideally also for the other groups, because you start with only one deck of the Northern Kingdoms. Therefore, our tip: If you are ever at the grocer, also look to whether he has Gwint cards on offer. If finances permit, you can buy all Gwint cards blindly and expand your deck so bit by bit - so you've better chance against the Quest opponents.

Repair kits produce itself

You can leave mending broken equipment for forging, or use practical repair kits, which are however quite rare. Look matter in forging weapons and armor for new construction plans, for example in Kaer Trolde to Skellige Islands. There you will also find plans for rare repair kits, with which you can go keep your equipment in good shape.

Respec: redistribute talent points

If you want to redistribute your skill points, you have to buy the "Potion of emptying" - so is your spec completely reset 1,000 coins will be due for the potion. You will receive it only with certain dealers, one of which stays in Novigrad. Addiction just a bit south of the St. George's bridge, next to the barber. There, the grocer has his business.

Places of power

Sooner or later you encounter in the game world magically pillars, the so-called places of power. Pay attention there on icon and color of the pier! Violet represents Yrden, yellow for Quen, green for Axii, blue for Aard and red for Igni. Select the appropriate character to any place of power - it does not have to be active, simply selectable via a circular menu is enough. Now, when you meditate on the cob, you get not only a buff, but also a skill point. By places of power so you can quickly get to skill points. You are always find the magic pillars off the beaten track, so deliberately explore the question show in the wilderness.

Axii as Quest Helper

Axii is the only sorcerer character that does not come only in battles but also in dialogues used. The magic you can impose your will namely many interlocutors. Bring the Axii block about "deception" in the blue menu talent as early as possible to the maximum level and uses it - mastering by many situations can be quickly and without violence. By the way you get per Axii-use dialog a small XP bonus of up to 40 points. But be careful: Axii is not a panacea, as some characters recognize your dizziness and then go even more so on you go! By the way you can with your horse calm Axii even if it panics.

Expand Inventory

There is no storage box in The Witcher 3. So that you still have enough space for all lost and found items, you can at least expand your inventory. For this you just need new saddlebags for your horse. Simple bags can be found at many retailers, good specimens are rare, however. At the port of Holmstein in Skellige you find a dealer who sells bags with a capacity of 100 - there also a high-quality saddle which increases endurance of the horse to 75. Both upgrades each cost 800 coins.
Money exchange

From time to time you will find coins. You can trade them at the Vivaldi Bank and as quickly improve your finances in the center of Novigrad.

Expand Sword talents

Once you've invested in the sword fighting area talent 20 points, you can watch the Skills "vortex" and enable "Mangle". These secondary attacks begin by keep down the light or heavy attack button. "Vortex" is a fast surface attack, good against small groups of enemies. "Mangle" however, is a slow, heavy blow which pays for itself against certain bosses and label support.

The proper handling of Plunder

Normally, you can sell junk safely - especially with skins can earn good money fast. Alternatively, you can leave rubbish but also decompose at craftsmen in commodities. It's worth for example with silver candlesticks - from which you could win some raw silver, which requires it for certain swords.

Unlock destinations Skellige

At your first visit to Skellige you will notice that some areas and surrounding islands are only accessible by boat - but that costs a lot of time and nerves. Our tip: Some grocery retailers sell special cards that will unlock various fast travel points to Skellige Islands. One of these distributors can be found at the port of Holmstein, in south western of the main island.

Quick trip by boat

Simple, but very handy especially on Skellige: Once Geralt is at the wheel of a boat, you need only open the card - there are then (and only then!) Different ports draw which can be controlled by quick trip. The ports are provided with an anchor icon.

Good prey is everywhere!

Pay particular attention in main quests it to search the area for chests, boxes, bags and bodies. It often hides important blueprints, for example for high-quality drinking as "Improved swallow". Especially in elven ruins, but also in caves, houses or dives you should keep your eyes open. Ideally, you use the wizard sense from time to time and look around the room - every now and then there's also in main quests side paths and hidden chambers in which their treasures can be found. It's worth it!

Examine smugglers’ hiding

Some very useful items we have captured at smugglers hiding. The principle can be found in the water, be recognized by barrels that float on the surface. Under Tip: Even if you are just in a hurry, you should examine the hiding poss waxed, because that is very fast and is almost always worthwhile. Smugglers hiding places can be found for example on the shores of Skellige but also in lakes and rivers, as before the south gate of Novigrad.

Do Sorcerer orders promptly

On notice board and in NPC you will gain not only sidequests, but also various sorcerers contracts where it almost always comes to hunt a specific monster. These orders are side quests and tell their own stories, but they fall considerably shorter from generally as "large" quests - so they are ideal for shorter sessions. We recommend to make the Sorcerer orders as soon as possible. As a reward you get namely often good weapons, however, are aimed at the level recommendation of the task - who completed at level 20 a level 5 Sorcerer mission can with the captured weapons then usually nothing more begin.

Reading helps: use Glossary and books!

Problem with a certain monster? Look in your glossary! There you will find usually the information necessary to bring the cattle to the route - whether bombs, oils, potions or certain characters that you have to use it correctly, exactly such information provides the opponent’s Index. Should you not have any information about this monster types have, you first need to read a matching book. You can find the books everywhere, as prey, in homes or at sellers. In Novigrad is for example, a bookseller with a large offer. In general, we recommend you to read all the books in your inventory from time to time (even open enough), the same is true of notes and pieces of paper. After the reading material can be sold without hesitation. This creates space in your backpack and improves the overview.

Crossbow as harpoon

In water, sometimes you will attack by drowning or harpies. This can be annoying! Emerge about the best a little below, so you can use the crossbow namely as a harpoon - usually requires only a hit to bring the diving opponents to track. And it's much faster to fight as eg from the boat.

Bulletin boards as the first point

If you are near a settlement, you should short ride there and take a look at the bulletin board. There you will get not only all kinds of quests, there are also undiscovered places marked on your map.