The Witcher 3: who is Karolina Grochowska? (Closing Credits)

The Witcher 3 is on the market several weeks now and many players will have already seen the end flicker including credits on the screen. Complete the credits through the special dedication "In memory of lovely Karolina Grochowska". The question might ask, actually who is Grochowska.

Karolina Grochowska from the Polish Warsaw belonged to the huge team that was responsible for the work on the Witcher series. How does the message can already be found, Grochowska is unfortunately died with cancer while working on the lush RPG in October 2014.

Who is Karolina Grochowska? (Closing Credits)

This was preceded by a four-year-long phase of the disease, in which, among others, one of her legs had to be removed.

- Karolina Grochwoska worked for many years in the games industry.
- In 2011 she worked, among others, the implementation of Bulletstorm.
- Her other projects have included Gears Of War Judgment and of course The Witcher.
- Since May 2007 Karolina Grochowska was actuated for CD Projekt RED.
- 2008 From September Grochowska responsible as a producer for the team of 35 people who worked on The Witcher 2.
- Previously, she led the work on The Witcher Enhanced Edition.
- From July 2009 Karolina worked for Epic Games Poland.
- On October 1, Karolina Grochowska died after years of illness.

Karolina Grochowska

The credits at the end of The Witcher 3 You can watch the video here. The display commemorating Karolina Grochowska takes her from 13:00. The Linked guy does not contain spoilers, but only the names of the employees involved in The Witcher 3.

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