10 Worst FIFA 16 Teams, Derry City, Accrington

FIFA 16 has all the great international football teams. Besides Real Madrid, AC Milan, Barcelona, Manchester United, and more popular teams, the game also has room for smaller teams that compete more modest leagues. With casts more "economic" and low quality players, they fight for the title of worst game of the team. Here we prepared a list of the ten worst teams of FIFA 16.

Newport County

The team from the fourth division of the Premier League has several low-quality players attending the list of the worst of the game, as Shephard, Owen-Evans and Jones. Although some rare players, the team has only bronze players.

Derry City

The traditional Irish team draws attention for not rare player in the Ultimate Team mode. Without any prominence, athletes have bad attributes and not successful in any game play mode.

Bray Wanderers

Aside from Cherrie match, all players from Bray Wanderers are Irish, as well as the team. Despite the "rapport", the team does not excite as we don’t even have a rare or above average quality player.

Drogheda United

The Irish team added the worst overall level of the entire game, thanks to the extremely low quality of its cast. In total, the team has only one silver player in the Ultimate Team mode, the wing Treacy. With the exception of Irish, the whole team is composed of players with levels below 60.

Sligo Rovers

The Sligo Rovers, another Irish team, has average 54 and several athletes with levels below 50. Their best players are the Peers defender and Cretaro, both bronze at level 61.

Galway United

Founded in 1937, Galway is one of the traditional teams in the league. With a very weak cast, the staff is easy prey for practically all times of the game.


The Ireland team is with 21 players available in the Ultimate Team mode, all of bronze. The only "highlight" is for Duggan midfielder, who has a rare letter, but weak attributes.


With many young Englishmen in the cast, the Accrington, the fourth division of the Premier League, has no power to face mid-sized teams. Very slow and weak players, the team must suffer in all aspects.

Longford Town

Despite the emphasis on the attacker Cowan, the United States, Longford does not put fear in opponents with their squad, passing far from strong. No silver or gold players, it is hard to imagine the team competing against more traditional times.

Bohemians FC

The team of Dublin has more than 100 years of history, but does not have good players enough to shine in the game from EA. With only a foreigner, the team lacks different players.

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