Destiny: Farm Motes of Light quickly and easily

Farming light particles in Destiny can sometimes be a lengthy process if you do not know where to begin. Therefore, we will show you in this guide a quick way to get 15 guaranteed Motes of Light per day. The numerous public events make it possible!

Motes of Lights are among the many items in Destiny, which you can exchange for useful items and equipment. However, you have to find them first of all, where there are various possibilities. We show you below how you can quickly and easily Farm light particles.

Destiny: Farm Motes of Light quickly and easily

The fastest way to farm light particles is when the public events completed. Although there have been sales starts the main game, but since the release of Destiny: The Taken King there was a change. Complete the day with your character from a public event and also manages the Gold Level, you will receive 5 guaranteed light particles. Substitute afterwards on your two other characters and repeat this game, you can get 15 guaranteed light particles per day. Complete on the same day other public events on the Gold Level, you get nevertheless still every other time 3 light particles.

Quickly find public events

Public events are held in all sectors on the different planets. However, this is no coincidence that place, but are subject to certain schedules and can thus be targeted farms for a great light particle yield. The start of an event is always heralded by a short darkened screen with subsequent text display. Step in then the action area of the Events you take also part already.

You will now know exactly when which event starts, for more info Here you can see exactly what on the planet and the area next event starts. Various symbols also make clear what type of event it is. However, it can still sometimes happen that an event does not start. Then Make your way to the next event. The site is also available as a free handy app for iOS * , Android and Windows Phone.

Use Motes of Light

You now have a bunch of Motes of Light and don’t know exactly how you ought to take advantage of the light particles? They are about excellent way to enhance the reputation of the numerous factions in sci-fi shooter. By "particles of light" - you can exchange light particles and rapidly ascend in rank. For this you need 125 light particles per rank advancement.

Since Destiny: The Taken King you can also use your whole equipment leveling. Previously this was only if you actively uses about weapons. Now you can use from your inventory out and unlock new perks of equipment quickly and their light particles. When traders Xur you can also exchange light particle in strange coins.

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