Far Cry Primal: Here's What You Need To Know

Far Cry Primal will release on February 23 for Xbox One, PC and PS4, bringing a new adventure and unprecedented protagonist. The main novelty is the time of game: Stone Age. The player commands a caveman, for over 12,000 years. Many animals and other creatures of the time must also be present.

Here's what you need to know about Far Cry Primal, including PC Requirements, Trailer, gameplay and more:

The prehistoric hero

The "hero" of Far Cry Primal is Takkar, bounty hunter from the Mesolithic period, who begins his adventure without weapons or any other type of benefit. Over time, Takkar can build his own story depending on the player's actions.

According to his evolution, Takkar can become a true legend and build his tribe, becoming leader of nations and the people leading the exodus to conquer new land. Like no other Far Cry, the story can be shaped according to the actions, successes or failures, the character.


One of the most important points in Far Cry Primal is in arms. As we are in prehistory, no firearms, cars or other elements that were successful in the series. Here the player uses only rustic weapons such as stones, spears, bows, axes, and so on. Also, you can not buy weapons.

Far Cry Primal tries to innovate by offering creative alternatives to modern elements. Instead of cars, animals can be assembled. With the advancement of the game, and with the advancement of Takkar’s skill, it is also possible to produce more lethal and effective weapons and traps and other tools that will help the player in his career.

Basic tasks

Far Cry Primal also mixes with the game is survival, similar to games like Do Not Starve, Minecraft and Terraria. You will need to hunt for food and even learn how to make fire, as in ancient times.

Ubisoft promises that these tasks will always be present, but will be varied, especially when the player has to take care of his own tribe, the point of creating defensive positions and seek food for more people.

Realism in the Stone Age

Realism will also be present in Far Cry Primal ... somehow. Although the game passes in the Stone Age, and therefore contains some fanciful elements, Ubisoft plans to leave the next adventure more real world as possible.

For example, we cycle of day and night. During the day, many monsters will work to the player, but it can get ugly truth of the night, when most aggressive and terrifying creatures will appear. The player will have the option of doing nothing at night and just sleep, but if you do, the rewards will be greater.

Domesticating animals

As shown in the first RV, it is possible to domesticated animals and make them for a period of time. In addition to hunt to eat, the player will have the option of capturing animals to have as extra utility in the tribe - and for themselves.

Takkar starts the adventure with a pet owl, which serves to guide you and give an extra sense to the character. But with his skill, he can tame even tigers saber-tooth in order to use them in battles or to mount.

Minimum and Recommended System Requirements to Run Far Cry Primal on PC

Some prior indication of Far Cry Primal had already been revealed, as minimum requirements, which you can check this link. The game should require an average PC if you buy the version for computers.

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