FIFA 16 - Team of the Year 2016 (TOTY)

The most popular game mode from FIFA 16 is extended by the best player of the year. In addition to the World Footballer (Congratulations to Messi!), Also the FIFA 16-TOTY was announced for the Ultimate Team mode.

Every year, the Team of the Year in the Ultimate Team mode of FIFA appointed as part of the "Ballon d'Or" 16. The most rare and valuable card takes with a bit of luck in the usual Gold Packs or for a short time in separate TOTY packs. Also this year, you realize the card on a blue background and a special player portrait.


The blue in-form players are the best and most valuable player in the FUT mode. Following the award of the world footballer of the year, you could already have some players from the pack pull.

Since you can also drag gold packs the blue in-form players, the transfer market is now probably showered with cheap gold players - here you can certainly make some bargains as prices are due to an increased offer fall. In addition, there could be problems with the EA servers due to the increased access. So be quick and grab the first one player from the team of the Year.

If your Ultimate Team already be adorned with all the stars, you can sell in the transfer market, FIFA 16 TOTY player for en masse Coins. Since the cards are very rare, some players will accept and hit exaggerated sums.

The following players were selected in the Team of the Year the past football year.


Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich) - Postion: TW


Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) - Position: IV
Dani Alves (FC Barcelona) - Position: RV
Marcelo (Real Madrid) - Position: LV
Thiago Silva (Paris SG) - Position: IV


Andrés Iniesta (FC Barcelona) - Position: ZM
Paul Pogba (Juventus Turin) - Position: ZM
Luka Modric (Real Madrid) - Position: ZM


Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona) - Position: RF
Neymar (FC Barcelona) - Position: LF
Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) - Position: LF

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