Minecraft: Redstone Basics - guide

Minecraft is with Redstone more challenging and creative. When working with Redstone you must note some: Circuits, Redstone torches, Redstone amplifier and what is this ore at all. This guide shows you everything you need know about Redstone in Minecraft.

With Redstone almost anything is possible in Minecraft. Besides the mentioned cases can you ingame games, even computers and build more. However, it should be noted some at Redstone. Below we show you the main rules and info about the magic ore.

- Redstone is an ore that represents a "cable connection" between energy source and mechanism within circuits.
- From a block you can win 4-5 Redstone. If you build it with a pickaxe from that has been enchanted with luck, you can almost double the amount.
- Search for the ore at the level of 1-16 blocks.
- If you find a cave, it saves you digging for the ore. Occasionally you will discover caves that extend vertically into the ground. These are particularly well suited to dig without much deep to get below the surface.

Embarrassed Redstone

When connecting structures with Redstone you must also observe certain rules. What it is, you can see from the following list. The larger your structures and the more amplifier and Redstone Torches incorporate, the greater the delay of the signal.

- Place the "lines" always on the upper side of the blocks. Outside and under the pads you cannot place the dust.
- You can also place Redstone on stairs. Bear in mind that the staircase must always consist of simple steps. Two vertical blocks at one time cannot overcome the red dust.
- The "lines" send a signal about 15 blocks. If you want to overcome a further distance, you need an amplifier. This prolongs the signal by an additional 15 blocks.
- Leverage Redstone torches as energy sources and considering the fact that each torch (and each amplifier) in which signal triggers a delay. You can expect per torch with 0.1 seconds of delay.
- Other energy sources are: lever, printing plates, buttons, hooks, Redstone chests and blocks.

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