Nosgoth - Classes weapons and skills guide

The battle between humans and vampires already takes several centuries, and you can take part in it - for free! In Nosgoth, you have to decide for a class whether you want to fight on the side of people or the Vampire. Below we listed all classes in Nosgoth with their weapons and skills.

Hunter: The Traditional Class

Hunters are an almost extinct class - the Iron Guard. The brave warriors always rush in the middle of the fight and not worry about their survival. Their only goal is the destruction of all vampires and they train for their lives. The following weapons and skills set this class at a Nosgoth:

Hunter Class: Weapon / Skill and Description

Multi Bow - Crossbow: Fires bursts of three bolts.
Siege Bow - Crossbow: Fires quickly bolts without having to be reloaded need.
Founder’s Repeaters - Crossbow: Fires quickly bolts without having to be reloaded need.
Repeaters - Crossbow: Fires quickly bolts without having to be reloaded need.
Bolt Thrower - Heavy Crossbow: Fires twice as many pins, but inflict less damage.
Bola - Primary skills: throwing weapon, the Vampire ties and briefly blocked.
Poison Bola - Primary Skill: Thrown, the poison damage caused.
Whip - Primary skill: Wounded Vampire, they can stumble and brings them from the walls.
Explosive Arrow - Secondary Skill: Fire arrows that cause surface damage.
Grenade - Secondary Skill: Explosive grenade splash damage caused.
Sticky Grenade - Secondary Skill: adhesive grenade which adheres to surfaces and vampires.
Blinding shot - Secondary Skill: Special ammunition, the vampires wounded and briefly displayed.

Scout: One of the Sneaky Classes

This character belongs to the new generation of people who make themselves strong in the fight against vampires. When assassin eliminates them with a precision sheet and is designed for raid-like attacks.

Scout Class: Weapon / Skill and Description

Warbow - Bow: When fully stretched, the sheet causes a much greater damage.
Founder Scout Bow: When fully stretched, the sheet causes a much greater damage.
Archer's Bow - Arch: Smaller and faster arc which causes less damage.
Storm bow - Arch: shoots fire arrows.
Compound Bow - Arch: Fires very precise multiple arrows without having to reload.
Camouflage Primary skills: power almost invisible, which actions lift the camouflage.
Throwing Knife - Primary skill: Wounded and slows vampires.
Mark Target - Primary skill: One shot, the vampire traced and marked for the team. Increases damage.
Gun Turret - Secondary Skill: A device that covers the surrounding area with rapid-fire.
Grappling Hook - Secondary Skill: Operates on fixed points to hold and climb.
Hail of Arrows - Secondary Skill: A luminous torch that is the sign of a rain of arrows.
Trap - Secondary Skill: shrapnel that explode when trodden on.

Alchemist: The Female Class

This class consists exclusively of women and dedicated to the destruction of the Vampire, by means of explosions and alchemy-balls. They belong to the Order of arcane chemists and their skills enough to transformations.

Alchemist Class: Weapon / Skill and Description

Hand Cannon - Bowler: Fires explosive alchemy bombs.
Great Cannon - Bowler: Like the hand gun, but does more damage and has a smaller magazine.
Multi Cannon - Bowler: Fires three small bombs simultaneously to cause more widespread damage.
Flamethrower - Primary skills: Vampire Burns in close combat.
Healing Mist - Primary Skill: Heal your team with 50,000 health points.
Combustion - Primary Skill: A potion that makes you a light wave occur, the vampires harms.
Light Bomb - Secondary Skill: grenade that wounded with a flash of light vampires.
Poison Cloud - Secondary Skill: vial containing poisonous mist that vampires wounded.
Sunlight Vial - Secondary Skill: A vial containing flash of light, the vampires appear.
Wall of Fire - Secondary Skill: A vial that creates a wall of fire on impact.

Prophet: The Malicious Class

This class uses an insidious trick to eliminate their enemies. The Prophet used contaminated blood, the vampires will undoing. The actual food of monster is applied to bullets and triggers curses that protect the Prophet in the fight and support.

Prophet Class: Weapon / Skill and Description

Piercing Pistols - Flintlock pistol: Fires modified cartridges with clout.
Heavy Pistol - Flintlock pistol: Heavy weapons, which distribute a higher damage, but have a lower rate of fire.
Double-guns - Flintlock pistols: Masterful flintlock pistols.
Curse Levels - Primary Skill: A cursed cartridge Vampire slows.
Draining Curse - Primary Skill: A curse that adds vampires damage and paralyzes them briefly.
Life Leech / Tainted Blood - Secondary Skill: is targeting a vampire in order to transfer a portion of his health on you.
Eldritch Guard - Secondary Skill: A shield that absorbs damage.

Vanguard: Criminals and Veterans Class

This class brings together condemned and courageous fighters who have already survived an attack by the vampires. A colorful mixture of "Drowned" forms a large combat unit, in which each individual warrior has a past.

Vanguard: Weapon / Skill and Description

War Axe - Throwing Axe: Heavy weapon that is slow but it caused much greater damage.
Impaler Axe - Throwing Axe: It has barbs that cause bleeding.
Splitter Hatchet - Throwing Axe: This weapon was produced by ghosts and splits in the air in two axes.
Kama - Throwing Axe: Lightweight weapon that can be thrown quickly in succession.
Judgment - Primary Skills: A storm that inflicts damage vampires and the damage in humans keeps low.
Shield Charge - Primary Skill: A leap that inflicts damage vampires and down to the earth.
Shield Bash - Primary Skill: A shield that adds vampires on impact damage and confused him.
Rousing Cry - Secondary Skill: Increases the speed for a short time and the regeneration team members.
Bulwark - Secondary Skill: Storm, the vampires back raises and reduces the damage in humans.

Nosgoth: Classes - Vampire at a glance

The existence of vampires is greatly threatened by man. The clan of vampires came together after a long time of hostility to quell the rising human again. Also in this group you are 5 classes to choose from. Team up and save your species from extinction.
Tyrant - The Clan Turelim

These warriors accept anyone who is weaker than you, and despise those who are less successful in the fight.

Tyrant: Weapon / Skill and Description

Charge - Special Skill: Runs with the assault through hordes of enemies and throws them to the ground.
Marathon - Special Skill: This assault will take longer, however, can be used less frequently.
Jump Attack Special Attack: A leap that inflicts damage on impact with the ground, opponents.
Ground Slam - Primary Skills: Does a beat, wounded the enemy near by shock.
Shockwave - Primary skill: provoked a shock wave brings the nearby enemies to stumble.
Throw - Primary skill: Sends an opponent through the air.
Ignore Pain - Secondary Skill: prevents you attack it, but strengthens your skin, so damage is reduced.
Enrage - Secondary Skill: damage and speed can be increased at the expense of health.

Reaver: The clan Dumahim class

Reaver in accordance with the perfect ideas of vampires. They are fast, cunning and very intelligent. These vampires see their determination is to suppress humanity and this leg oppressive hunter skills have appropriated.

Reaver: Weapon / Skill and Description

Pounce - Special Skill: sets a jump with targeting aid, the opponents on impact incapacitated.
Savage Pounce - Special Skill: jump without sighting, causing more damage.
Sweeping Kick - Special Skill: A roundhouse kick, which your opponents take you to stumble.
Leap Attack - Special Skill: Jump on all fours, whereby the speed is increased.
Shadow bomb - Primary skill: Hides the opponents by a dark veil.
Choking Haze - Primary skill: Creates a poisonous fog.
Evasion - Secondary Skill: prevents you from attacking them, for you are moving fast and can dodge bullets.
Haste - Secondary Skill: Increases your attack and movement speed.
Shadowstep - Secondary Skill: flying through shadows to quickly and surprisingly attacking opponents and themselves to be immune to damage.

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