Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster: how to kill enemies

Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster brings back one of the most important and difficult games in the franchise for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. As not only heads lives a game, the common enemies can also take a lot of work. Check out tips to defeat zombies, Hunters and other monsters of Resident Evil Zero.


The classic enemies of Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster, zombies are humans who have been infected with the T-virus via the James Marcus leeches. As in classic games, Zombies are slow and have no intelligence. The strategy is to always use the handgun at a safe distance and Shotgun targeted for high against groups. If the confrontation area is large, it is best to just run away. Remember that in Resident Evil there Crimson Head.

Resident Evil 0, HD Remaster, Zombies, T-Virus, James Marcus

Cerberus (MA-39)

Another classic of the franchise is also present in Resident Evil Zero HD. Although attack in groups and being fast, the Cerberus does not present a threat to the player and give little damage. Handgun few shots are enough to put an end in the MA-39.

Cerberus (MA-39)

Another classic of the franchise's beginnings is also present in Resident Evil Zero HD. Although attack in groups and being fast, the Cerberus do not present a threat to the player and give little damage. Handgun few shots are enough to put an end in the MA-39.

Mimicry Leeches, mimicry or Marcus Leech Zombie

Powerful enemy formed by a group of leeches take the form of Marcus James. In the first encounter with the monster, Rebecca just down the stairs to save Billy. The best way to defeat Mimicry Marcus is using Grenade Launcher with incendiary ammunition and Molotov cocktails. For the most skilled, the ideal is to run away, since these munitions can be missed at the end of the game. After being defeated, the Leech Zombies explode and drop several Leeches on site. The long distance, be careful with the creature's arms.


Crows also mark their presence in RE Zero HD. As in previous games, it is best to simply walk not stoke them. Run or shoot also works, but is not the most intelligent attitude. If you are having plenty of ammunition, the crows can be a good shot target handgun.

Hunter Alpha (MA-121)

One of the most loved and hated enemies of Resident Evil. The BOW mixing DNA of reptiles in human eggs is a real killing machine. Strong, smart and powerful claws, the Hunters frighten any one. Use what you have to offer, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher with acid and Magnum ammunition. Beware the heels of the beasts on the characters.


They are not as dangerous as there are Hunters, but can cause serious problems for Rebecca and Billy. The eliminators attack in groups and move enough. Use Shotgun or Grenade Launcher with incendiary ammo to end primates more easily. If the combat area is large, escape is a good option to save ammunition.

Plague Crawler

Insects can become a headache for the player, especially for Rebecca to have poorer health. The best strategy is to take control of Billy and shoot with the Shotgun glance down.

Giant Spider

You don’t have to worry much about this creature, although frightened due to their size. Even in a group, it is not very difficult to divert the Giant Spider. The problem is that any misstep could leave the poisoned player. There is usually some Blue Herb around to reverse the situation. If you do not want to risk, Shotgun and Grenade Launcher incendiary give the job.


The most common dangerous monster game. The Lurkers appear in wetlands, always rising from the water. Running away is not as easy as it may seem, it has a strong language that has a large reach. If you take the Lurker will engulf the player and will be an instant game-over. Not to turn frog food, download whatever you stronger in them. Do not be in shame to spend your Magnum.


Bats appear only in the church during the battle against the Infected Bat. Ignore them and concentrate forces and ammunition only on the boss scene. If the bats bother, use the Shotgun to destroy several at once.

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