Resident Evil Zero HD - Outfits: All alternate costumes

In Resident Evil Zero HD Remastered there are many outfits to choose from. Maybe you will not be able to unlock all of them, but we do not want you to withhold the conditions. If you find the standard costumes of Rebecca and Billy boring, you can change them as soon as you can control the characters. Follow these steps:

- Open the inventory and go to the personal inventory.
- You have here the choice between Rebecca mixing set and baggage with outfits.
- Select the baggage and you are asked to choose all the costumes that you've unlocked.

Activation conditions for all outfits and costumes

To unlock the outfits for Billy and Rebecca, you have to, inter alia, advance through play or buy the DLC. Below you can see the list of conditions to unlock costumes.

Outfits and costumes for Billy

Jacket: Available from the beginning
Wolf Force: pre-order bonus on Steam
Cody: re-order bonus for Resident Evil: Origins Collection

Outfits and costumes for Rebecca

STARS 1996: DLC content
STARS 1997: DLC content
Sportswear: DLC content
Cheerleader: Pre-order bonus on Steam
Western: Available from the beginning
Leather: Available from the beginning
Nurse: Pre-order bonus for Resident Evil: Origins Collection
STARS Prototype: DLC content
Wesker Mode: Here Rebecca has a new costume for election
T-shirts: The best designs of the contest found their way into the trunk of Rebecca

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