Black Ops 3 Awakening DLC: Iron Dragon Der Eisendrache guide

In the latest DLC for Call of Duty Black Ops 3, The Awakening, you will have access to new zombie episode "The Iron Dragon". The chapter is based on the events of "Der Eisendrache" and lets you slip into the role of known Origin characters like Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo and Richthofen. On the Austrian medieval castle you will find a V2 missile ramp, a dragon and a very powerful bow named Zorn for the elderly. In this guide we will show you where to find the bow and how you can improve it to a deadly electric arc.

In Zombie mode of Call of Duty many secrets and Easter Eggs have always been hidden. We show you where you can find them on the new map, The Iron Dragon bow.

Taking a wide berth: Improves in "The Iron Dragon" the Wrath of the Ancients.

The Wrath of the Ancients you can upgrade in four different ways. Here you get to know the electric arc, it pulverized the Nazi Zombies with deadly lightning. This bow carries the exotic name Kreema'ahm la Ahmahm.

Call of Duty - Black Ops 3: Find sheet and improve in the Iron Dragon

Before you can improve the powerful arc, you must first find hit - sounds logical, right? On the map you will find three fossilized dragon statues, which protrude from the walls of buildings. Attracted to a couple of zombies and they settled among the dragons' heads. You bring to life and devour the revenant with just one bite. After a short time the statue will crumble to dust – look for the next dragon head and repeat the process. Overall, the three dragons must eat seven zombies.

Wrath of the ancients bow, you can find it behind the established grave in the basement, on a dead soldier. About the chest in the wall, you see miniature versions of the three-lined kites next to each some colorful window - the location is hard to miss.

Enable Death Ray and meet Weather vane

Now that you are lucky owner of a bow, now go to the outer wall of the castle and activate the death ray for 1,000 points. Then it turns to you a few steps to the left and shoots the weather vane on the top of the tower in front of you. Go for the rotating part, to a blue arrow falls down. Press the displayed button, you take starts the object and the upgrade Quest.

Enable signal fire and blue platforms

If you look at various positions on the walls of the castle, you will discover three beacons. This you have to hit and activate with your arrows. Climb then to teleport and go to the room with the glowing pyramid in the middle. Wait until the antigravity sequence starts and run on the five blue icons along the wall - you hear a short beep, if you do happen.

Fill Boxes With Orbs

On the Map now appear three small boxes that you must fill with orbs. Here you have to pay attention to a couple of zombies - the blue orbs are automatically absorbed by the urn. After five to eight revenants, the urns are filled.

Then you grab the bow and go for a shot. Hold R2 or RT pressed until the arrow is electrified. These bullets you shoot again at the three beacons that you have previously been activated.

An arch called Kreema'ahm la Ahmahm

Make your way again to the tower where you have shot down the weather vane. Here you can see blue smoke, (press rectangular and X button) with the interaction. With your renewed arrows you shoot for the second time on the weather vane - again one blue arrow down to its plugging.

Then you return to the pyramid and leave just the collected arrow on the chest next door. Here you destroy 15-20 zombies with any weapon. If you've done everything right, should appear repeatedly blue orbs on your screen. After a short time, a new, improved sheet will be released from the chest, where you have to start the arrow placed. The so-called Kreema'ahm la Ahmahm makes you the little brother of Zeus and lets you use up deadly lightning.

For the localities of dragon statues, the beacon or the weather vane, you can watch the following YouTube video.

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