Defeat Proto Tyrant (T-001) in Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

The Proto Tyrant (T-001) was the first result from the experiments conducted by Albert Wesker and William Birkin in 1988. The aim of the BOW was to create a strong monster, intelligent and capable of following orders. The problem is that the chance of a human having their DNA compatible with the T-virus and become Tyrant is just one in ten million.

The Proto Tyrant was an experiment considered flawed. Despite his strength and his giant claw, the creature had exposed vital points, such as the heart and cervical spine. Besides presenting necrosis, little intelligence and inability to take orders. Thus canceled the T-001 project and the Proto Tyrant was taken in a state of latency underground Umbrella laboratory on the outskirts of Raccoon City. Ten years later, Tyrant was reactivated and finds Billy and Rebecca in the facilities.

First Boss Battle

This part of the battle is more difficult because you have to deal with the Proto Tyrant only with Rebecca. After the scene with Enrico Marini, take the elevator key and try the door. The T-001 appears to attack the doctor. There is little room to move, and Rebecca is the caution with any blow suffered.

Shoot what you have to offer, Magnum, Grenade Launcher, acid or ammunition Shotgun. The best thing to do is waiting for the Tyrant attack, divert the side of his left arm and take two or three shots into his back. Avoid getting stuck in the same place too long and never deviate to the side arm with protruding grip.

The limited room to move, low life of Rebecca and the strength of the Tyrant can make the player lose a lot of time. With the avoidance of time determined, the challenge is much easier to overcome.

Final Boss Battle

After arriving at the save point after one of the most laborious puzzles of the series, it's time to face it again.

An interesting idea is to let Rebecca stay at the save point and just go with Billy, due to medical fragility, reduce space of the contest area and artificial intelligence not so smart. Go downstairs, next door to use the lift to go to the B9. Ignore the door, follow the corridor and the Proto Tyrant appears.

Choose a corner and do not stop to shoot your best weapon to the monster approaching. When BOW get close, back off to another corner and repeat the process. If you become trapped always quit the left monster arm, preventing right claw. The space is narrow and lead damage is almost inevitable. With luck, the T-001 can lock the bars and not move for a while.

This fight is faster and easier than the first. If you have difficulty facing the T-001 alone, take Rebecca together and leave her with a powerful long-range weapon. Keep STARS near you and away from the BOW. Take care of the health of Rebecca, because it decreases considerably with every blow of the enemy. After several shots, the first manufactured Tyrant is dead for good.

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