Dying Light buying guide Season Pass / Enhanced Edition

Dying Light is a first person survival horror video game from Techland available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game will receive new expansion, which will be released digitally bringing an extensive rural area beyond the walls of Harran with new enemies, vehicles and weapons. Check out how to download:

There are two ways to purchase the new DLC: buy the Season Pass or pre-order the Enhanced Edition with all the bonus content for the same standard version price.

PC version

Step 1. Pass the PC version of the Season must be purchased through Steam. It is possible to purchase additional content using the service client, browser or mobile app shop. Click here to perform the action

Step 2. You must have the full version of Dying Light installed on your PC. After placing the product in the basket, just follow the steps to complete your purchase. The package installation will be performed.

Version for PS4

Step 1. As with the PC, the DLC installation also happens automatically after confirmation of payment. The Season Pass can be purchased for digital store on the same console or through the version for browsers;

Step 2. First of all, log in using your PlayStation account to have access to purchase resources from PlayStation Store. Then use the search tool, allocated in the upper right corner of the screen to find the Pass of Dying Light Season. After that, put the contents in the cart with the "Add to cart" and checkout;

Step 3. Finally, select the "Download" after confirmation of the transaction to download the authorization file of extra content. Click here to view the store.

Version for Xbox One

Step 1. Access the Microsoft digital store and log in to gain access to resources Xbox Live. Once this is done, use the search tool, located in the upper right to enter the name of the game. The Season Pass icon will be displayed in sequence;

Step 2. In the Season Pass page, press the "Buy Now" option. Follow the instructions to complete the transaction and, if necessary, check the data of the credit card again.

Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition on PS4

The Enhanced Edition with all the extra content Dying Light is the ideal option for those who do not own the game, since the value paid for the whole package is pretty much the same as the standard version. The definitive edition includes the DLCs Be the Zombie, Cuisine & Cargo, Parcel Survivor Nato, The Horde Bozak and, of course, The Following.

Open the PlayStation Store and use the search tool to locate the Enhanced Edition. Place the product in the cart, go to the box and make the transaction to start downloading the game automatically.

Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition on Xbox One

The Xbox Store, find the game through the search tool to enter Dying Light: The Following. After that, click "Place your order the Xbox One" to approve the purchase of the complete package. As usual, the download starts automatically as soon as your Xbox One is connected to the internet.

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