Far Cry Primal - best weapon and equipment tips

In the following article, we will give you tips on various combat tactics and show you the best weapons and equipment in Far Cry Primal.

In Far Cry Primal, you often have the opportunity to go direct confrontations and silent killing from ambush. For this fight tactics you need the best weapon and equipment. First, we give you some battle tips to help you conquer Oros unnoticed. During the game their camp and fortifications will have to conquer. Here you need not necessarily rush. First, you reach from ambush and destroy the enemies that will stand your direction.

First you call the owl and let him to select all opponents. Do not rely, always ensure that they all see and are still on guard. Once you have destroyed all marked opponent, let the owl go again on the field circuit. Do you have an animal tamed, will ensure that you remain in a squatting position. Do you want to know which beast suits your approach, then read our Guide to tame beasts. Send your companion to tackle individual enemies, not on groups. Your owl can throw bombs on selected opponents.

First eliminates the enemies that have a horn symbol over their heads. As silent hunter you can set up to the target area and lure individual opponents with the throwing of stones and traps. Here is the list of best weapon and equipment that will support you in this most effectively.

- Best Weapon: Longbow, double bow
- Best Equipment: bombs of any kind, bomb belts, hunter belt, case
- Important Skills: Owl: Hunters View, Owl: weapons-shedding, owl: attack, owl: Attack II, death from above, Sliver takedown, Heavy takedown, Chain takedown, arrows I -III, double traps, devilish traps

Best Weapon and best equipment for the offensive Killer

Impatience is indeed not a virtue, but can lead to a successful campaign. For this, we have put together some tips. Rein directly on your opponent and prepare yourself for the melee, you can throw your spear or can use your leg. If your opponent still on his feet, walking then hit him on his head. Even with melee weapons include headshots bring you an XP bonus. In this way you can level up quickly.

Always remember, that you present your melee attacks with the attack button. With the two-handed mace you can resist against opponents groups. Come many enemies at once use your weapon for defense because it can tear more enemies to the ground while swinging. You should refrain from using cluster bombs since the maniacal enemies will also attack you.

In this procedure firebombs are the best equipment, use them during storms and not in direct combat. Also set a takedowns and Sliver takedowns. This will get you extra bonus kills. Once you have learned to ride on animals, you can also use this skill to storm your goals. The list gives you the best weapons and the best equipment to this fight to do in Far Cry Primal.

- Best Weapon: Two-Handed Mace, Mace with all the upgrades
- Best Equipment: Leg Belt, Spear belt, throw Sliver Belt
- Important Skills: All health upgrades, and health regeneration, healing in the sprint, primitive healing including all prescriptions, reduce melee damage, all taming skills mammoth riders, Beast Rider.

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