Far Cry Primal - strategy guide

With Far Cry Primal Ubisoft delivers a stone-age adventure full of predators, primitive weapons and equipment. Even if the game is not as complex as its predecessor, there are some tips and tricks that we want to give you for your journey through Oros. In Far Cry Primal you can do all sorts of things: tame wild animals, expand villages, looking for different items and especially fight. Although Far Cry Primal initially gives the impression sneaking would be unnecessary, there are still situations where it will be helpful. Do you need some help for getting started with Far Cry Primal, then take a look at our guide below.

- Turn off the animation that is shown when collecting items. This saves you a lot of time.

- Concentrate when upgrading to a weapon of any kind. It does not bring much to upgrade several ammos or lobes.

- Perform a melee attack, take stronger opponents. The damage is thereby increased.

- Also at level up you should consider in which direction you want to develop. Spread your skill points not on all categories.

- In Far Cry Primal, the wild animals are afraid of fire. Once you have a torch here, you can keep yourself safe.

- Always try to recruit new tribe members because you will receive more resources.

- Look at the skills of your companions. They specialize in different things. Once you have you specialist, then adjust the animal selection of your preferred approach.

- Utilize regularly your owl, because it will help you to clear up an area and to determine the number of enemies. By upgrading the owl will unlock other advantages.

- You can use the spear in melee and ranged combat, but it is particularly effective when you throw it. In close combat a well-developed lobe is the better solution.

- The arch is good at long-range combat, but has no upgrades not particularly high armor and will not be very useful in armored enemies.

- Aim at sneaky attacks that always gives you upside down and in most cases an Instant Kill. Especially when hunting animals you should resort to sneaking.

- Gather stones, skins, poles and other resources, because it's Stone Age and are valuable materials with which you can build your weapons, clothes and houses.

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