Grappling Claw location guide - Far Cry Primal

Do you want to discover all the secrets and all the collectibles and artifacts in Far Cry Primal, then you cannot avoid the use of Grappling Claw. This useful tool lets you climb unattainable heights. In this guide, we show you the steps that you must take to get the Grappling Claw.

The Grappling Claw is a hook made from bones, which is connected to a long rope. To find it, you have to complete a series of missions. Once you have completed the Beastmaster - shaman mission for Tensay, follow the below steps:

- Go into your Wenja village and build shelters for Sayla (4x Alder wood, 3x Slate, 2x reed, 2x deer skin) and for Tensay (2x Alder wood, slate 2x, 2x reed, 2x wolf-skin).
- Then Udam will attack your village, which you must defend.
- After the attack, take new main missions to recruit specialists.
- Among them is Wogah that your contact for Grappling Claw. Make your way to his icon on the map and then start the mission.
- In the cave at the bottom of this area you'll find the Grappling Claw that stuck in the corpse of a jaguar.

With the Grappling Claw you can climb not only higher areas, but also swing across gaps or a new anchor point climb without touching the ground.

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