Gravity Rush Remastered: tips and strategy guide (PS4)

Gravity Rush Remastered, a remastered version of the most popular third person action video game of PS Vita, reached the PS4 with enhanced playability for the DualShock 4 and significant graphical enhancements - native 1080p and 60 fps. To start the Kat’s acrobatic adventure, check out some essential tips in this tutorial.

Search Gems

After completing the introductory mission, which is nothing more than a tutorial to explain the mechanics of combat and gravity, you can freely explore the city of Heckesville. Let the activities related to history aside and devote yourself for a while to collect purple gems scattered throughout the scenarios.

Besides being a great way to train and improve the gravitational stunt, precious stones serve to improve the protagonist’s skills and to enable new challenges on the map.

Meets challenges and side missions

Gravity Rush allows you to complete the direct game, ie, without having to make the secondary activities and challenges. However, it is highly recommended to perform optional tasks, since generous package gems are granted as a reward.

The missions of the three DLCs included in remastering - Spy Pack, Maid Pack and Military Pack - have characters and interesting stories, so it pays to take a break in the main campaign to appreciate the extra content. For those who like to pick up trophies, it is important to note that many of Gravity Rush Remastered achievements require the player to complete the extras and challenges.

Prioritize combat improvements in air and gravity

As in a typical RPG, Gravity Rush has that progression systems, although they are not as robust, allow you to apply improvements to the attributes of heroin. Instead of trying to improve all the characteristics of the protagonist, try to focus on expanding the power of the air chute and raise the resistance meter to keep Kat longer in the air.

Leave to improve the health bar and land blows, for example, when you are already in the later chapters of the plot. The priority should always be to develop gravitational skills, since they represent the bulk of the gameplay.

Practice Aerial Combos

The Kat ground attacks are considerably weaker compared to air kicks. So try to face the hordes of Nevis in the air to have some advantage because in two or three combos you will be able to exterminate the largest and most powerful enemies.

The hair Kat indicates the direction

Because it is a game open world and allows interact in different angles of the scenario, it is common to lose the sense of direction in Gravity Rush Remastered. If you do not know if you are on the floor or ceiling of a platform, just look at the hair of Kat that serves as a flag to display your current position on the environment

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