Helldivers: tips to fight against alien / enemy threat

The story of the Helldivers is relatively easy to explain, you belong to an elite unit, "the Hell Divers", and together with other players in co-op you can go on various missions in order to meet the intergalactic alien threat.

You are fighting against three types of enemies, Cyborg, Bug and the Illuminate. You have always a choice between different planets, all the planets are ordered by different levels of difficulty and on each planet there are of course several missions to choose from. In this guide we show you what aspects of the game are important and we give you some useful tips and tricks for the fight against the alien threat.

Tips and tricks for people and planet

- Everything can kill you! Self Support Transportation (units) can crush you and your companions as well.
- Cyborgs are the hardest nut in Hell Divers, even at the low planetary levels, the Cyborgs possess heavy weapons such as flamethrowers. Starting difficulty 1 it can be hairy for you. The best international newcomers are probably the bug and the illuminate.
- Pay attention to the planet difficulty at level 5 you get there with heavy and big opponents. Among them are also heavily armored units.
- Difficult opponents: In the game you meet armored elite units and the already mentioned flamethrower units Tips: If you burn, then throw yourself on the ground and press the four triangle button. Players are also dangerous if they have you in their sights, then you see a white beam aiming at you. Tip: If you were being targeted, please join quickly to the side and lie on the floor.
- The Illuminate do not have sniper.

Tactics and Combat Tips:

- No matter which type of enemy you encounter, you can dodge easily flamethrower attack or normal firearms bombardment. Move to a side, pushing the four triangle button. This works with bombardment of players and Aliens, and turrets. (Caution "friendly fire" is also in Hell Divers)

- Tip: collect Stratagem: They constitute the central element in Hell Divers. You should accept missions where you also get stratagem as a reward in addition to items and Xp. This stratagem could also be expanded, is replenishment or support tools for the fight, such as support fire and bombardment.
- Even if you were hit and you can no longer participate in the fighting, it's still possible to request a stratagem.
- In an Exo-Suit Stratgems can also still be used.
- Be careful with "excessive" use of stratagem. If you request "too much" support, then enemies are attracted to them.
- Enemy patrols should be completely wiped out, otherwise the opponent has sounded the alarm. You get a red flashing signal on the screen, then you know that the enemy is approaching.

Tips for missions; Planets and terrain

- Never risk a mission just to get to certain samples, when the mission was not completed successfully, all of the samples previously collected Tip have lost your needs 10 samples to a research point to get and this research point can in turn be invested in improvements:.. A drone - Strategem can display all the samples on the map and this is done automatically.
- When you start the game, you should definitely focus on small planet. Select a planet with the level of 1-4 difficulty.
- If you have mastered all the missions of a planet, then you wave a large planet bonus. Either in the form of XP or different stratagem, they are shown at the beginning of the mission selection.
- Seek out carefully where you want to appear on the map, you should not show up as close to your mission objective. Otherwise your opponent will be alerted prematurely.
- Snowy areas make you slow and vulnerable, but you can use slippery ice to escape more quickly when you are persecuted.
- If you have adopted a package mission and you have to escape from the enemy, you can package despite still having a one-handed weapon or gun shooting.

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