Ice Age 5: Collision Course new trailer revealed

Scrat, our favorite squirrel returns with new misfortunes and always in pursuit of his favorite nut. This time it is in space that will wreak havoc!

A fifth installment that promises a pandemonium in space!

Already 15 years has passed since the first episode, Manny and Sid Diego adventures take us into adventures through prehistoric times. But in fact, where they are since the last time?

This time, the ongoing search for Scrat to catch his elusive nut take him to space where he accidentally triggers a series of cosmic events that will transform and threaten the world of the Ice Age. For their lives, Sid, Manny, Diego and the rest of the group will have to leave home and embark on a new adventure full of comedy, browsing exotic new lands and encountering a blast of characters in color.

We find the same team in the casting, Gérard Lanvin, Vincent Cassel or Elie Semoun , and the trailer is carried by the legendary Bernard Lanneau here narrator and French voice of Kevin Costner for many years.

In 2001, the appearance of this hyper clumsy squirrel unique design causes an immediate buzz, and the character quickly becomes indispensable. For fun, you are given a mythical extract that designers have taken a perverse pleasure to achieve, namely to paradise Scrat hazelnut. Big nod to Stanley Kubrick Spartacus, with the music of this movie in this scene we never tire of jubilant ballet Scrat.

Ice Age: Collision Course will reach in cinemas in July 2016!

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