Metris Soccer wants to bring street soccer back to games

FIFA Street is a series of EA Sports games that tried to bring the "barefoot soccer" to the world of the game, having a strong presence in the PlayStation 2 generation. Now, independent producers plan to bring this magic with Metris Soccer, game which will be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

For a long time, football games focused on the games in stadiums with teams and teams from around the world are facing common in sports games. With FIFA Street, EA Sports has managed to take the game a little more of the "cunning of the streets."

With Metric Soccer, the staff of Metris Code decided to present this more playful side of football, as well as EA Sports did with the spin-off of the FIFA series. The project was eventually presented to the world on Reddit, with redrad56 developer confirming that he is working independently on a new soccer game for PC and consoles.

The classy football for "barefoot"

Searching posts by dev on the site, you can see that the game was born as another football title with stadiums and ordinary times, but at some point, the focus has changed to something more arcade. The lowland took over the game.

Presented at Reddit in November 2015, the Metris Code football game already had a gameplay test and some gear. Initially, the game would most common elements in games of FIFA or PES series, but also matches in smaller fields and in the streets.

Back in February, the project was modified and presented as Metris Soccer a game clearly inspired in FIFA Street, already inscribed in its alpha stage (on the PC), some features that will be implemented in the game and the release of promise for consoles ( Xbox One and PlayStation 4).

In the video you see below, you can clearly see the inspiration of FIFA Street, either by the movements of the players or the scenario.

At the moment, the plans for the game are bringing championships and cooperative, multiplayer matches, leagues, creating teams and players, and other functions that can be included after tests such as:

Elimination mode - 1v1v1v1v1 or 2v2v2v2. So all against all, with only one goal. Players try to score goals, and the last to score in the round is eliminated until only two contestants (or double);

Mode with three teams - One way in which the field has three goals and three teams competing frantically to see who makes more goals.

It is easy to note that the Code Metris ideas for the game are very interesting and wage enough in multiplayer gameplay to yield few hours of fun.

These promises have been made on posts on Reddit as well as on page Steam Greenlight's game. Initially, Metris Soccer should be released for PC later this year, with versions for Xbox One and PS4 should arrive later, no specific date yet.

If you want to stay up to date with the development of the game, you can follow the official Reddit updates. There you will have information on how to enter the title Alpha plus news about the game. To give your vote on Steam Greenlight.

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