Naruto SUNS 4 beginner's guide / tips to level up fast

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 (SUNS 4) is the latest fighting game based on the popular anime, published by Namco Bandai and released for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Before trying Adventure and Survival modes, it is strongly recommended to finish the campaign which is divided into five chapters. The Story Mode, about seven hours, lets you unlock much of the Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 characters. In addition, special techniques of the latest versions of the heroes are given below.

In the recently released game, the user is able to form a team with up to three fighters, which can be switched on to boost combat gameplay. While it's not as useful at first, since the conflicts can be overcome without the support of ninjas, the system will be essential in more advanced stages and levels of difficulty.

As there is wide variety of playable characters, it is common to be undecided during the ninjas selection stage. Always try to experiment with different combinations, because the fighters have unique styles.

Remember that teams of fighters with similar characteristics attack cannot solve the clashes with ease. If the character is not well in the arena don’t hesitate to exchange him for another warrior.

At the end of each stage in the ways history and adventure, no way be rewarded with treasures, if any of the proposed challenges in the early phase has been completed. The purchased bonus, you can use Ryo to purchase consumables and cosmetic accessories for each fighter. The extra tasks ranging from performing accurate jutsu, for example, and win battles fulfilling specific actions.

Although Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is a fighting game in essence, the title offers other elements to be used during the fighting. Depending on the selected character, you can drop bombs, throwing knives and perform ninja tricks to surprise the opponent.

As with other games in the series, Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 does not give chance to the player to study the opponent with caution. The secret to dominate mobility is to keep moving and coordinate interspersing blows and combos between side dodges and jumps. Being aggressive is a necessity, but there are specific times when you need to stay away from the enemy and attack with projectiles and jutsu long distance.

Pressing the same attack button repeatedly may not be the best strategy to oust the rival and progress in the adventure. This is because the opponent will be able to easily stop the sequence of equal blows. Therefore, it is necessary to mix evasive skills, jutsu and well-aimed thrusts allies ninjas.

We must be aware of the chakra meter, displayed just below the health bar of the character, because it indicates if the player still has enough chakra to perform basic and special jutsu. Try to save the feature to use it in critical moments of confrontation, as the jutsu causes considerable damage at once.

The way to recover the chakra bar is to keep pressing the triangle button - or "Y" on the joystick of Xbox One - but this causes the character to become temporarily vulnerable.

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