Street Fighter 5: Dhalsim's moves, stats and attributes tips

The Indian monk Dhalsim once again returns in the latest offshoot Street Fighter 5. He uses his fire attacks and teleports across the arena to confuse his opponents. Below we give you all information about Dhalsim and show you his attribute stats and Move-list.

The Indian yoga master is characterized by his extremely stretchable arms and legs, with which he can reach his opponents from afar. Even his stomach he can slow the swelling to recharge his powerful fire breath. Dhalsim’s eyes seem to have no pupils, and he can also move around floating.

Power: 3/5
Health: 2/5
Agility: 1/5
Technology: 3/5
Range: 5/5

Reasons for Dhalsim’s participating in the Street Fighter tournament are purely altruistic. He fights only to feed the poor and hungry in his home. Otherwise, he uses his powers only if he let the circumstances no other choice. He always appears prudent, reasonable and full of self-discipline.

Dhalsim: Move-list and character stats

Dhalsim is a monk who practiced esoteric yoga. From this he has also developed his fighting style. His long range and fire attacks reflect in his moves. His signature moves are Yoga Burner, Yoga Yoga float and Sunburst.

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