Undertale all Endings Neutral / True Pacifist / Genocide Routes

Undertale is a roleplaying video game from the developer tobyfox released for PC and Mac in 2015. The game is full of references, jokes and exciting scenes. The story is exciting and the possible end hold the player until he meets three.

It is important to remember that, as the game features several scenes open to interpretation and different moral choices along the way, the most fun is playing in your own way without worrying about which way to go. In addition, the following guide contains spoilers about the plot, so be careful!

Neutral Route

The important thing before you start playing is to know that the unfolding of the plot is directly related to the fact that your character kills or monsters you finds during your journey.

Take the Genocide route anytime immediately invalidates the final Neutral and True Pacifist. That is, provided you don’t take the measures listed in Genocide, must see one of the many variables in order.

You can kill some monsters and not become friends with anyone who will still have the final Neutral. The problem is that it prevents the end True Pacifist is obtained in the same save you kill someone, it is necessary to reset your progress and start over.

As the long route True Pacifist involves passing one of late changes Neutral, if you are interested in seeing the happiest and complete end, it is advisable to see the end Neutral as the steps given below:

True Pacifist Route

If your Neutral end has involved the death of at least one monster, you need to reset your save and start over, this time paying attention to all the steps below:

Step 1. Save all opponents, bosses and characters in your path. Win every battle with non-lethal options such as Flee or Spare;

Step 2. No monsters can be killed. It is not allowed to go beyond the level one or get a point even experience. Simply click "fight" and deliver some blows does not cause problems;

Step 3. Watch the end Neutral;

Step 4. Make friends with Papyrus, Alphys and Undyne.

Step four is the most complex and deserve careful attention. Even if you explore every corner of the Underground, it is only allowed to make friends with Alphys after watching the end Neutral. So in the best case scenario, you will defeat Asgore and Flowey already friends with Undyne and Papyrus. In any case, check out how to be friends with each of them:

Papyrus: Papyrus After fighting on the edge of the frozen river, agreed to have a meeting with him and go to his house.

Undyne: When Undyne faint in his pursuit for Hotland, grab a glass of water at the nearest water cooler and handed to him. Then, enjoy the ride and the boatman comes back to Waterfall, which is Undyne house (left of Ghost House). Sign up now and join the cooking class and false battle with his new girlfriend.

Alphys: After seeing the Neutral end, return to the Core. Once you're over the bridge image below Undyne will call telling you that you have a letter for Alphys (important: if you see the end Neutral before befriending Undyne, you receive the card automatically In any case, leave a space available on your. inventory).

With the letter in hand, back to the Lab in Hotlands and knock on the door, you will find Alphys. Go back to the lab again and go into the bathroom, now unlocked, to discover a secret lab.

Inside the lab, solve puzzles and defeat enemies to enter the four colored keys in their respective spaces, it will pave the way for a new version of the final room. Now just go back to the place where he faced Flowey late Neutral to enjoy a new battle and the touching end of the real game.

Genocide Route

It is advisable to end this last, since even if you do a reset true in your save, the Genocide will bring implications to the end and True Neutral Pacifist. In addition, the fights are very complicated, adding dozens of hours of gameplay.

To see the final Genocide, follow this steps:

Step 1. Kill all monsters in each area before facing the boss of the place. There are 20 enemies in Ruins, 16 in Snowdin, 18 in Waterfall, 40 in Hotland / Core and only one in New Home, the head Sans.

Step 2. Kill all bosses. Toriel in Ruins, Papyrus in Snowdin, Undyne in Waterfall, Mettaton NEO in Hotland / CORE, and Sans in New Home.

You know who killed all monsters in an area where at the time a normal match against enemy occurs, the message "But nobody cam" appears instead of a duel.

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