A train is passing through Stardew Valley: what does it mean?

If you get the message A Train Is Passing Through Stardew Valley in the game then that has a special meaning:

- Approximately every few days a train will pass by Stardew Valley.

- If you receive the notice, then you should go immediately to the Railroad. You can find it in north Area The Mountain or in the north of the Carpenter Robin and his house

- At first you cannot reach the Railroad because it is blocked by stones. Only on the 3rd day of the summer, they will be eliminated by an earthquake and you have free access.

- If you are fast enough at the tracks on which the train travels, properly drop these various items like Coal, Wood and geodes. This only works when you are there on time. If you get late, the items will not spawn.

- Under certain circumstances, you can try to take the train with your sword to get more items. Even bombs might be useful.

The following list shows the times when the train has passed in a player. The times may vary slightly from player to player and seem to be calculated randomly. But you get through the list an impression when the train travels at what intervals in Stardew Valley.


Thu. 4 um 11:00 am
Sat. 6 um 3:30 pm
Sun. 7 um 11:00 am
Mon. 8 um 10:00 am
Fri. 12 um 11:00 am
Sun. 14 um 2:00 pm
Tue. 16 um 11:00 am
Mon. 22 um 1:40 pm
Tue. 23 um 2:50 pm
Wed. 24 um 4:10 pm
Sat. 27 um 9:30 am
Sat. 27 um 5:00 pm


Fri. 5 um 4:30 pm
Thu. 18 um 12:20 pm
Sun. 21 um 1:10 pm
Tue. 23 um 9:30 am
Wed. 24 um 3:30 pm
Fri. 26 um 12:00 pm


Tue. 2 um 3:20 pm
Thu. 4 um 11:50 am
Wed. 18 um 10:30 am
Sat. 20 um 9:00 am
Mon. 22 um 2:30 pm
Sat. 27 um 9:20 am

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