Bravely Second End Layer: find / open blue chests - locations

Bravely Second: End Layer is the sequel to the popular role-playing game Bravely Default and so as in the predecessor you can find blue chests even in Bravely Second. In our guide we will show you the locations of all blue chests and give you tips on how to open them.

The JRPG holds a total of 12 hidden blue chests and you need them all. Not every individual is hidden part will be useful to you, but some treasures will surprise you. To open the boxes, you need a special key. This you get automatically once you have started the Chapter 5 in Bravely Second, you will find this key. This all happen under the main missions in the sanctuary - Gethelatio.

In the table below we listed all the locations of the blue chests at Bravely Second and show you what a treasure they contain.

Treasure Blue Chests Locations
Air Knife Harena Sea Cave  - Middle
Doujigiri-Yasutsna Origin Cave - Middle
Fortuna Grand Mill Works - 1st floor
Blessed Shield Mithril Mine - KG 2
Hadean claws Sealed Ba'al Dungeon - descent
Heiji's Jitte Miasma Woods  - Middle
Kokusenpu Grandship Engine Room - KG 28
Kurro - shippu Stark Fort - 2nd floor
Longinus Eternian Central Command - 47th floor
Musashi's Oar  Witherwood - Home Affairs
Ripper Everlast Tower - 2nd floor
Yoichi's bow Harena Ruins - KG 2

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  1. Please use the English names for the locations! I had to consult the video to figure out that "Origin Cave" was Geyser Grotto!


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