FM 2016 Tips to play on PC, Mac and Linux

Football Manager 2016 is one of the most famous football simulator video games available for download on PC with Windows , Mac OS or Linux. In this game, instead of controlling the players, you are the coach of a club, having to assemble the team and win titles competitions.

The latest entry in the Football Manager game series has many functions that are the responsibility of the coach - for example, hiring members for the coaching staff. So, new players can find it difficult to get good results.

Hire Players on Loan

One of the great difficulties of the game is to put together a good team without exceeding the financial limit - especially if you lead a team with few resources. This is common to train teams of series B and C of the Brasileirão, for example.

For this reason, look to sign players on loan. So you get new options without spending the money for the transfers, paying, most of the time, with only the salary of the player. Therefore, when assembling the team, look for teams reserves and players under-20, not forgetting young people and foreign players.


Every coach should display tactical variations for teams. And FM 2016 can not be different. Train your players with two or three different formations. In a few weeks they will be adapted to the tactics.

Also, having more than one training option is very useful throughout the championship. To make the most of your team has a tactic to face a better club than yours, for a balanced confrontation or when you are the favorite.

Have Good Scouts

In Football Manager, build up the staff - or the coaching staff - is also a function of the coach. And one of the most important members is the scouts. Through them you can learn the strength of each player. So, to make sure your hiring, have a good scouting team. Thus, the reports and the attributes of each player will be more accurate.

"Evolve" Players

A good training program can improve the numbers of your players. This occurs primarily with young athletes (up to 21 years), since in formation period. However, already established players can also improve their skills throughout their careers.

In addition to the tactical part and the general practice, you can put an athlete in an individualized training, to improve a specific characteristic. For example, you can put an attacker to train submissions. Thus, it is possible to improve all the players in the squad.

Avoid Old Players

Hiring older players may not be a good idea. This is because, from the 33 years, they tend to worsen. Thus, the market value also falls, decreasing the chances of profit from them.

Physical capacity also worsening, making important attributes such as speed, acceleration and strength being compromised. So when assembling your team for the season, prioritizes players up to 30 years

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