Linus BlackBerry Basket Location in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, in the quest "BlackBerry Basket" you have to find the blackberries Basket of Linus and return it to him. Unfortunately, the basket is very well hidden in a part of the game, so you probably have great difficulty in finding it. We will show you where to find the BlackBerry Basket in Stardew Valley.

To see Linus’ Stardew Valley BlackBerry Basket you go as follows:

- From your farm you go to the right.
- Take the bus to Stardew Valley.
- Now go in the west direction to the left along the road until you reach a tunnel.
- You will find the Linus’ blackberry basket above the roadside beside blackberry bushes.
- Collect it and return to Linus.

Stardew Valley: Add Linus’ BlackBerry Basket

Linus is the hermit in Stardew Valley. He lives alone north of Pelican Town in his hut.

- Go from the bus station to the right and in Pelican Town northbound, right at the Community Center by further upward.
- Approximately northeast of Robin's house and west of the mines you will find his tent.

Note: Linus need not necessarily be in his tent you may find him on the lake, which located southeast of his tent. If you can not find him there, sometimes he goes to Pelican Town. If you can not find him, return the next day and look him on his tent.

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