Stardew Valley: Get the Key from Gunther to unlock sewers

In the Stardew Valley, the entrance to the sewer line can be found rather quickly. Early in the game you will involved in a cut scene. Here you will hear the conversation between the children and Jas Vincent, playing at the entrance to the sewer. There you will learn that you need a key to enter the sewage system and Gunther is holding this key. But how do you get this? The solution is simple: Once you have donated 60 artifacts and minerals to the museum, you will receive the rusty key as a reward from Gunther - it is your ticket to the sewer. But until then, it is a long and arduous journey.

With these tips, you can quickly reach the key to the sewer:

- After you have taken care of field and your animals, you embark so often into the mine and there you farm rare ores. The deeper you get into the mine, you will find the more rare and especially new minerals.

- Smash the normal stones: In them you often find geodes as well as Omni-geodes that you can take to the blacksmith. For a small fee he covers these geodes for you. In it are mostly rare rocks, which you can donate to the museum.

- When running on sandy ground, you should always pay attention to movements. If you see looking out three worms from the ground, then use your Hoe. Whatever the reason, but here you can find also artifacts and books, come to the museum. The artifacts you must however drop off in person. Look especially on the beach for worms.

- Despite these tips, it will take a long time to complete 60 artifacts. So concentrate not only this, but also collecting items, while completing other tasks. You should go anyway in the mine. But pay attention increasingly on the worms in the soil.

Once you have collected 60 artifacts and / or minerals and donated to the museum, the next morning Gunther will present you the valuable, rusty key. Now nothing stands on your way and you can explore a new area of Stardew Valley.

There are two entrances into drains or Sewer:

- South below the city Pelican Town
- South below Marnie's Ranch and east of Forrest Cindersnap

What you will find in the sewers of Stardew Valley?

Already talking to Jas and Vincent you learn that mysterious creatures living in the sewers. Eerie noises confirm this information. Both entrance of the drains lead to the same place. Here you will encounter mud and greenish, dirty water.

Your main reason that leads you into the sewers, it will be to find Krobus. It is a new NPC who lives in the dark sewers. But not alarmed you because Krobus seems a little scary at first, because of the strange black creature: Krobus is a shadow man.

But you must not be afraid of Krobus. You can even make friends with him, just as you can do it with most other NPCs. You can buy rare items from Krobus. But his offer changed at certain intervals.

Slime - 10 Gold
Bat Wing - 30 Gold
Mixed Seeds - 30 Gold
Solar Essence - 80 Gold
Bread - 90 Gold
Void Essence - 100 gold
Magnet - 200 gold
Omni Geode - 300 gold
Lucky Lunch - 370 gold
Maki Roll - 490 gold
Crystal Floor Recipe - 500 gold
Wicked Statue Recipe - 1,000 Gold
Iridium sprinklers - 10,000 Gold
Stardrop - 20,000 Gold (one time)

There is a 1000-year period of war between the shadow people and dwarf. If you go directly to dwarf in the mine, then you will be suspicious, because he thinks Krobus have sent you as a spy against. Later you can help their confrontation - Dwarf and Krobus.

Fishing and angling in the drains

Another option that you have in the sewers, is to go fishing. You start here mainly carp. You will also find here a legendary fish: The Mutant Carp. It takes effort to catch the tough fish. He is namely unique and looks like a monster. If you have him on the hook, then a normal Mutant Carp will bring you 1000 gold, a silver Mutant Carp 1250 gold and a golden Mutant Carp 1,500 gold.

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