Stardew Valley: Where to find Snow Yam?

When winter reaches in Stardew Valley, there are new different plants grow such as crocus, Crystal Fruit, Winter Root and Snow Yam. But where you can you find Snow Yam? You cannot buy it from Pierre. You'll find it somewhere else. We show you how you get to Snow Yam.

The 4 Winter plants in Stardew-Valley are:

- Crocus (Flower)
- Crystal Fruit (Fruit)
- Snow Yam (Forage)
- Winter Root (Forage)

All but Snow Yam are relatively easy to find around Stardew Valley. For Snow Yam you must search under the ground.

To see Stardew Valley snow Yam, you do the following:

- Need to look off your farm fields after 1 × 1, each with 3 worms, sticking out of the floor and alternate in one or the other way.

- You will know in the winter relatively simple, but they are there in other seasons.

- They also look like leftover crop, where still stand the remaining stalks from the ground.

- If you found it, take your hoe and dig around this field. Then you have a change, the Snow Yam.

- You will find in this way also winter root or books for the museum / library with Gunther.

Tip: If you have completed the Winter Foraging bundle for the Community Center, you get a reward 30 Wild Seeds. This can plant with Snow yams and reap other winter crops.

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