Stardew Valley: find Robin's Lost Axe - location

At the beginning of Stardew Valley, you have already gone through one or the other tricky quests. One of them, titled "Robin's Lost Axe". Mission is to find the ax for NPC Robin because she has lost it. In our guide you will find where you can find the ax without much search.

In the Robin’s message posted on the notice board at Pierre's General Store, she indicated the location where she has lost her ax: south of Marnie's Range. On the map below you can see the location circled in red.

- You must simply use the south exit of you farm and go past Marnie's Range.
- Then follow the river to the west until you get to a bridge.
- Cross the river there in a southerly direction.
- Back on the mainland and go to the south along down the cliff.
- After a small bow cross the location of Robin's Lost Axe automatically. Take the ax and return.

To finish the Quest, you have to find the ax and return to Robin. Robin lives in Carpenter's Store. The store has only opened between 9 am and 5 pm (9 and 17 pm). Therefore, only this time it’s possible for you to deliver the quest. The house is located in a completely different direction to the location above - ie north - from the valley and therefore also outside the city (Pelican Town). As a reward you will receive 250 gold.

Unfortunately Robin is not one of the marriageable NPCs. If you want to know who a potential spouse might be at Stardew Valley, then read our guide to getting married in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley, Robin's Lost Axe, Location Map

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