The Division - battle tips / tactics to beat every opponent

In Tom Clancy's The Division, your opponents are divided into different factions. Each faction has its own set of fighters who use other tactics and have unique properties. The following factions are there:

- Rioters
- Cleaner
- Rikers
- The Last Man Battalion

In addition to the factions, The Division will also differ in enemy types. It is about different levels of opponents. Your level also determines the amount of their health, their level, the strength of their armor and tactical approach:

- Normal enemies: you have a single life bar indicating their health. Normal enemies are the easiest to kill, which means that you would not necessarily work any hardcore technology with them.

- Veteran: Veterans have a body armor which offers them additional protection. Therefore, they also have three tank-bar (some even four) and it is your goal to destroy their tanks completely. Here it is clever to fight the enemy with another player.

- Elite Teams: Elite enemies are usually equipped with a name you have a special, hard armor and special skills. These opponents are the most difficult ones handle in The Division. With them you have to apply special tactics to lure them in areas where you may be able to take apart.

Some opponents also have another skull next to their life bar. That is, they are five levels above yours and thus exceed your abilities. So it's almost impossible to defeat them alone. Therefore, you should avoid these types of enemies, especially when they are marked with several skulls.

Battle Tips on The Division: comply battle order

Primarily, it is important the correct "kill orders.". In most MMO games you kill first the major threats then do the small enemies. But in The Division, the enemies behave tactically and each unit has different behaviors.

So In The Division it is a big mistake when you first focus on the big, strong opponent. Opponents work quite intelligent and aggressive, so if you start the fight attacking the strong opponent, then run the risk that the small surround you, and then have to fight on several fronts at the same time. This makes the Battle of course extremely difficult.

Battle Tips: The cover is your friend

As in many third-person shooters, it is safer to stay behind cover and just not to stand in an open field or running. By covering you protect against critical hit from your opponents.

But that is not the only function of a cover. The coverage has become an extremely intelligent and aggressive tactics. If you want to be a balanced team, then you should from a tank exist, a paramedic and two Damage-dealers. Then the damage dealer and the medic can stay behind the cover and the tank try the opponent to draw on, because the enemies are first uncovered bombard opponents.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team work from cover. That is, the medic heals the tank and can vary by course dish out the one or other damage, and the damage dealer moving from cover to cover and flank the enemy. This is of course only one of many tactical approaches.

Battle Tips: ammunition to destroy opponents

It is important to have lot of ammunition. Sometimes it can be a while until the enemy overturn because he is protected by armor and it is not always possible to land a headshot. Sure, your secondary weapon has infinite ammo, but the true sources during firing are still your primary and secondary weapons. Therefore, you should well supply these two guns with ammunition.

Use as often as possible, headshots. This saves ammunition and kills opponents fastest. Want to gain time or slow down the enemy, then shoot in the leg and then you concentrate on the head.

The ammunition boxes fill your ammunition requirement again. The boxes can be found on the basis of operations, missions and checkpoints in the Safe Houses.

Also, Look away Consumption on ammunition as incendiary ammunition or explosive ammunition for heavy opponents. These include elite opponents or members of The Last Man Battalion.

Fight Tips: In brief

Here you have again a few battle tips that I would like to summarize briefly bullet points for you:

- Avoid playing with players who are more than 5 levels above you, even if he is partly levels, where each player can interact with each, no matter what level he has. In missions, this proves to be difficult. If you are, for example, level 10 and level 25 opponent, your other team members are at level 25, then you will frustrate this mission, because you hardly have a chance to survive.

- Kiting: With this tactic you run virtually in a circle, when it allows the map, or you draw virtually the opponents behind you, and then try to slow down the enemies using grenades and gun turrets, and then shoot from a distance on his weaknesses.

- Jerrycans and grenades bag: Some opponents have a jerrycan - enemies with flamethrowers - or Grenade pouch case. These are their weaknesses. So if you are about 5x efforts on this equipment, then target foe extremely much damage and is very slow.

- Communication: Try by TS or voice chat in the team to communicate with each other during your fights. Only then you can deny how you want to proceed best.

- Kill Forward: Complete the first striker and best of afar with a sniper rifle. They storm mostly with a baseball bat - optionally also with a weapon - for you to come and for melee in you zoom.

- Increase weapon DPS: used, for example, weapons mods to your weapon DPS increase. So you can increase your damage and fight effectively.

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