The Division: blueprints for Superior Items - location guide

In Tom Clancy's The Division, you will find blueprints that allow you to craft high-end weapons without spending unnecessary credits. Here we will show you how and where you can get hold of these special blueprints.

In The Division, you can get blueprints in four different quality levels:

- Green: Standard Items
- Blue: Specialized Items
- Purple: Superior Items
- Orange: High-end items (until level 30)

The Purple Items are probably the most popular. With Superior Items you certainly fight wide with front. There are also Blueprints for the most diverse weapons and equipment. But when you target the blueprints for purple items, player starts to look a bit longer after that...

The magic of blueprints

If you have found a blueprint, then you can use it as often to craft items. Whatever bonuses you obtain from Crafted weapon or equipment is randomly throwing dice from the game. Therefore, it makes sense to use the blueprints multiple times in order to obtain a higher damage or better bonuses. So if you still have enough crafting material in inventory, then you can also make two or three arms.

Where you can find blueprints for Superior Items?

Mainly you get Blueprints through completing of side missions. Respect for your foray into Manhattan so on civilians who hold such Sidequests ready for you. In the Safe Houses you can also get side missions. Speak there with the JTF-officer, he gives you the orders to various operations and grant you information about them. You should also give him reward to obtain the side quest.

Also at the job board in the Safe House you will find tips for fighting and side missions.

Where to find blueprints for superior items, you can find it when you pick the respective side mission. Then appear the rewards for completing the quest. With certain sidequests blueprints are actually guaranteed in return for the completion.

If you really have completed all the side missions in a District, then you get a reward again. This may also include blueprints. This is especially true for the following districts:

- Times Square
- Flatiron
- Kips Bay
- Midtown East

Blueprints for superior equipment can be found again after completing all missions: Hell's Kitchen and Gramercy.

At the conclusion of all side missions in Turtle Bay also expect a performance mod for superior equipment.

Of course you can also purchase blueprints for superior items. However, you need Dark Zone Credits for this feature.

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