The Division - filter level: tips to improve gas mask

In Tom Clancy's The Division, the disease compels you to wear a respiratory / gas mask with filter level. At least that's the case in contaminated areas. Upon entering such area, the height of the filter level is displayed and it can tell you if you can enter this zone. In our guide, we show you how to increase your filter level and improve your gas mask.

Some missions in the game will be held in contaminated areas and this does not exist solely in the Dark Zone, but also in the normal zones. You will know because they are marked in red on the map and at the latest when you enter these areas, you will notice whether your filter level is high enough. Your character put the gas mask automatically in the contaminated zones.

The Division: Increase the filter level

In the game, if you are traveling in a district with a higher level requirement, you will encounter areas which also require a higher level of filter mask. Step into these areas without complying with the requirements, your character will simply die. To increase the filter level, you have to expand the base of operations. It comes down to the following extensions:

- Virus Lab: This station will cost you 500 stocks and increases the filter level of your mask to 1
- Dangerous Stock: Need 400 inventories and increase filtering level of your gas mask again by 1. Before that you must remove the virus laboratory.
- Pharmacy: The cheapest way to improve the gas mask and to obtain even for 200 stocks. The filter level of your gas mask increases by 1

The advantages of high filtering level

You can enter any contaminated zone in The Division with a fully-developed filter level of your mask. These are more difficult to access, because you will be rewarded pretty well to have been there. Scan all boxes, closets and dressers in contaminated areas. There you will find good loot and clothing. Overall, there are 4 filter levels and you get very small with level 1. Once you have performed all three conversions, you have the filter level 4 increases and that you may have access to the hidden objects in this area.

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