The Division - Find all Intel Collectibles - locations

There are 293 collectibles can be found in Tom Clancy's The Division. The collectible items are divided into nine categories and appear in the form of reconnaissance data. In your game menu reconnaissance data are divided into evidence and use data. Here you can also see how many collectibles have already found and how many you are still missing.

The intelligence information, the evidence is action-related objects that you get after completion of missions during the main campaign.


Images (6x)
Virus reports (5x)
Monitoring data (4x)

To use data includes these six categories:

Phone records (130x)
Echos (63x)
Incident Reports (40x)
Survival Guide (24x)
Missing Agent (20x)
Crashed drones (16x)

Incidentally, in the Dark Zone to find collectibles. The search is limited only to the 16 districts of the main campaign.

Where are the locations of collectibles?

In The Division, you can find the collectible items on your map. They are marked with turquoise dots and a symbol in the center, which identifies the type of fund piece. The spots appear automatically when you are in the vicinity. If you collect the objects, then the points will disappear from the map.

To save you a little work, you can use "Intel-discovery". So no longer you have to search each collectible object individually. So go as follows:

- Complete the first main mission and save Roy Benitez
- Unlock security wing to expand the base of operations
- Select On Laptop under "Wing extensions / upgrade" → "Canine Unit" and there enable the advantage "Intel-discovery"

The bonuses of "Intel-Discovery" are passive and permanently activated.

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