The Division: find / farm outfits and clothing - locations

Tom Clancy's The Division will allow you to create different clothes / costumes and outfits. The individual garments you can combine at will and thus visually create an individual character. In our guide we give you tips on how to find and farm clothes and outfits in The Division.

In The Division, you will find 6 different categories of clothing. This means that your outfits consist of 6 garments. At the beginning it has simple clothing that does not yet include all categories. Your outfit in The Division consists of the following parts:

- Shoes
- Trousers
- Shirts
- Jackets
- Scarves
- Hats

Have you chosen a neck tattoo, this is unfortunately obscured by a scarf. But is not a problem because you don’t have to create this type of clothing, because the outfits bring no further bonuses - they look just as good (or bad).

Tips for finding / farming clothes

If you have eliminated an opponent in The Division, with a little luck it can happen that he drops clothing. This means that you can give clothes parts loot and no outfits. The clothing is featured in The Division with a turquoise light column, they therefore not be confused with blue (specialized) objects. The following list shows you where your opportunities for new clothes are highest:

- Civilians: to find the simplest and noncombat way of clothing, you offer the needy civilians. Run through the streets and you encounter a civilian whom you scan, if he needs help. Give him what he needs (food preserves, granola bars, bottled water and water) and in most cases he would like to thank you with a garment, and at least with EP.

- Cabinets: In the context of emissions, but also simply exploring Manhattan you come into houses. Illuminates the door of a house, you can enter this. Go in and look for clothes for your outfits. You'll find them in closets and dressers.

- Russian Consulate: This mission gives you access to many clothes. However, you must find them. Scan all rooms of the house to any clothing that is hidden there to find.

- Collectibles: How do you find all the collectibles, learn it in another guide. It's worth it, because for every completed category you will be rewarded with a new jacket.

- Ubisoft Club: Complete its specific challenges of Ubisoft clubs, you will often be rewarded with new outfits and new clothes. So check into it, because some of these tasks are not particularly difficult.

- Wing extensions: You may draw expanding of base of operations and focus on getting new clothes and outfits. Give you this is the supply route of the security wing, with you unlock a clothing merchant. This you sell dresses for credits. With procurement team of the security wing your team will put every 12 hours a garment in the box .

- Shelter: If you are regularly traveling in the Dark Zone, you will know these places the shelters or safe houses. In DZ06, a double-specialty retailer who sells you Jacket for 350 Phoenix credits. However, this clothing is nothing special and you may be able to find it also in other areas of The Division. Think about so well, if you want your money to spend there.

In The Division, in addition to clothing and outfits there are weapons and equipment. You can modding by using arms-Mods and Equipment Mods. You can also customize your Gear items. If you do the quest Lexington Event Center, you can find even a catwalk on which you can present your outfits and dresses - but only for you! What you will find during the quest, is one of the Easter Eggs in The Division.

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