The Division material locations and crafting guide

In Tom Clancy's The Division, if you don’t intend to earn more money or credit but want to craft your weapons, then you should follow the golden rule, any scrap not for sale, but to break it up. Then only will match the needed four basic materials when crafting to make useful items. This applies to all objects and excess or unusable items that are no longer needed. Then this you can disassemble. In this process, you will receive your valuable materials, which then you can use when building on the production station.

At the dealer you may get some credits for the scrap, but the rotten scrap in the material conversion obtains a significantly higher level. When disassembling the scrap you will get the following materials:

Electronics - Outfit Mods
Material - Armor
Gun Parts - Weapons
Tool - Weapon Mods

All of these materials can also be found in the game world itself. In addition, the materials have a color marking that identifies the Rarity:

Green: Standard
Blue: Specialized
Orange: Highend

All Material Locations

As already mentioned, you get four basic materials for crafting solely by the cutting of unnecessary items and scrap: You may play it in the game world to find and collect. There they are firmly positioned and hidden in buildings and boxes where you can usually get hold of several materials at once. Usually the locations are marked on your map. A corresponding icon shows up what type it is. That the materials respawn and return to the respective location in order to loot again.


Basically you can - except clothing - as well as producing all the crafting. Especially weapons, weapon mods and armor. Your workshop is the manufacturing station. It is located near the entrance to your base of operations in Manhattan. There you can also play a short animation where crafting of items will be demonstrated.

If you already proficient in dismantle all possible scrap and collected materials, then you can immediately use the material conversion on the production station to your first objects, such as weapons for crafting.

Here you walk always in proportion to 5: 1. That is, from five low materials you can produce a higher quality. So if you have five green materials, then you will receive when crafting a blue specialized item and so on.

The crafting is worthwhile only if you are already slightly higher level. Especially after the 20th level you should definitely have accumulated many materials to crafting powerful weapons.

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