Unravel: Survive from the seagulls attack in The Letter

Unravel is the platform game published by EA, available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Yarny, the protagonist, is a nice woolen doll that rarely finds enemies along the way. However, the difficult phase The Letter- Chapter 8, players are faced with seagulls can destroy the character and end the adventure. Find out how to tackle the seagulls in Unravel in The Letter level.

During the stage, there are two times when the gulls attack yarny. The first is simple because just hide behind or within some objects so that you’ll be left alone. In the second phase, we need to know exactly how to protect yourself.

1st wave of seagulls

Step 1. Tip the bottle to scare the seagulls. This part is mandatory and begins the attack on yarny;

Step 2. Run to the right and hide in the can. A seagull will fly toward the screen, but will direct without hurting yarny;

Step 3. After the departure of gulls, continue to the right, swing on the cable shovel and hide behind it. Many players die not knowing that it is possible to use the paddle as a protection;

Step 4. Still on the right, when the gull threatening attack, hide in the wooden bucket;

Step 5. Continue on the trail to the right and hide inside the wooden box with a wool handful. Collection wool and after the attack Gull, go to the second box;

Step 6. Tie two pieces of wool to create a trampoline and use the second box as protection when the gulls return to attack. Head right and be safe;

2nd wave of seagulls

Step 7. Eventually, the character will reach the well with two small doors to tie. Use your tie to pull them and open them;

Step 8. With the doors open, tie wool between the two points to form a stepping stone in the middle of the well. Use it to jump into the pit side of the handle and hold it to pull a bucket;

Step 9. Push the bucket to the right to release it where it is. Continue to push it until you reach the flat surface;

Step 10. Jump in the bucket edge to turn it. Repeat the process until the bucket turned upside down with yarny inside;

Step 11. Now the player has an impenetrable shield against seagulls, ready to be used throughout the second half.

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