All Gold Bolts, Collectible locations: Ratchet and Clank (2016)

In Ratchet & Clank (PS4) you have to find all Gold Bolts, so you can unlock all cheats, artwork and cosmetic adjustments.

In Ratchet and Clank (PS4), you will often need to return to the planet you already known in order to collect all the Gold Bolts, since you will unlock the necessary accessories during the course of the game. In the table below you can see what gadget you need to achieve the specific Gold Bolts. If you need some accessories, then you may have to go back to the area where you have found the appropriate gadget.

Veldin Gravity Boot Get out of the garage to the outside and then to the right. Take the monorail up and find a Gold Bolt.
Kerwan Clank helicopter extension
Run from the station to the right and jump to the first container. From there jump on the box and then click the container that is a bit further away (use the long jump). There you will find the collectible object.
Kerwan Clank helicopter extension Finish the obstacle course of Captain Qwark and you will be rewarded with a Gold Bolt.
Aridia Fusion Grenade Run left in the way with the sand shark, and stay until the end of the right. There you see a crumbling wall that can destroy with Fusion Grenade. Go inside and walk on until you find the Gold Bolt.
Aridia Clank's Heli-Pack Go to the factory and then straight using grappling hook until you arrive at a platform on which you can find the Hydro Beamer. Apply this and you come to an underrepresented platform. Jump from there into the water and dive down, where you will find another of these collectibles.
Aridia Gravity Boot Clank's Jet propulsion At the point where you meet the agent get her a gravity path to the building up. Activate the omni-key mechanism and shimmy to the hook along until you come to an area with sand sharks. At the end of the dune you will find the treasure in a trailer.
Nebula G34 Clank's Heli-Pack In the room with cages in which you have to eliminate a lot of enemies, you can get a helicopter jump on the higher level.Another Gold Bolt is hidden in the open cage with opponents 
Rilgar Clank's Heli-Pack Towards the hoverboard race you come to the exit, which are separate from power contact. Two of them cannot open from the outside, until you get the advertising sign with two dustbins. By helicopter jump and then on the context of the energy walls. About this you get to the treasure
Rilgar No You find the hoverboard race always on top and on the route you will see a Gold Bolt.
Rilgar Respiratory Equipment You should clean the drains and be scared away by the water. Once you have a respirator, you return - dive down the hallway until you reach a crossroad. Then swim right down and right again. At the end you will find the collectible object.
Gaspar Jet-Pack and Gravity Boot  From the filling station on your spaceship you fly diagonally to the left until you see a mountain. Land on the platform at the fueling station and walk to the gravity path along until you get to the Omni-key mechanism. Activate this and go into the mountain where you discover three buttons at the end of the path. Enable them and take the elevator up - directly to the Gold Bolt.
Gaspar Jet-Pack Again from the fueling station to your spaceship from left  flying backwards until you reach the end of the building. Take courses on the island to the small and large tower and deck with a power-dome. Activate again the three switches on the floor and take the collectible object as out.
Gaspar Jet-Pack On the map back right you can identify two platforms. There you will discover a volcano and through it the Gold Bolt. Now you have to very carefully fly over it and collect the treasure.
Gaspar Jet-Pack You have to fly with the jet pack until the end of the map and then turn around. Make your way towards the main island, until you see a small path that you can reach only from the air. Once you follow this, you get to the last Gold Bolt in this region.
Batalia No Go straight to the last house on the left to which the entrance has a lock. Climb wall jump the steep wall on the side up to the roof and collect the treasure.
Batalia No At the end of the map you activate a bridge. Go right over the rocks to the number of platforms, which lead around the mountain. They will lead you directly to the Gold Bolt.
Batalia Clank's Heli-Pack Not far in front of the air defense gun you will come to a fortress. Run to the left until all the way back in the corner and jump to the helicopter jump to the wall. Run them off to find the collectible.
Quartu Jet-Pack and Dietrich In the large room, in the middle of the station, in which you can fly around with a jet pack, in a corner there is a door. Reach the Omni-key mechanism. Activate this and go through another door to the lava pit. There you will see the Gold Bolt on the other side. Now you can easily reach it with your jet pack.
Quartu Jet-Pack Next in the large room you will find in the center a door on the outside wall. Go through and strike with the omni-key on the green button - there is another door open in the middle in the room towards you. Fly over and go get the Gold Bolt.
Quartu No Go to the wall with the tube into which Clank have sent in. Link you see even a tube into which Clank shall also send in. Jump left using a robot on the platform. Use again jet-pack and go on the grid to the treasure. With an explosive you can open it.
Pokitaru No Right from the first beach you swim towards the next island. Along the way you will find a Gold Bolt underwater.
Pokitaru No From the waterfalls you turn around toward landing pad There fly on the small island  and jump into the water behind it. Dive down under the mountain and so into its middle. Climb up and swing using the hook on the main island. Climb to the top and get yourself the treasure.
Pokitaru No Have you found the upper collector's object, looking out to sea until you discover a small island. Float back, because there you can find another collectible.
Deplanetizer No Climb onto the blue container at the two golden statues and right on the ladder. Use the floating platform to reach the collectible item.
Deplanetizer No In the space with the planet models, there is a switch opposite the entrance. Shoot it and you activate a ladder. Go up and use the platforms to get to the Gold Bolt.
Kalebo III No At the point where you over pivots from annex to the main building, take the elevator. If you turn around, you have to jump diagonally to the left and go on a balcony, on which you'll find another collectible object.
Kalebo III No When Hoverbord race you can jump to an alternative route to the left of the tunnel. Drive on until open a shortcut and behind it you can collect a Gold Bolt .
Kalebo III No You can get this latest Gold Bolt if you have activated all switches in the Grind rails. First go on the track that lead in a circle. Activate all three switches and return back to the main runners. Are you through, then go through the tunnel with many trains on the rails at the far right and activate the fourth switch. So you get to the last collectible.

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