Fallout 4: catch/tame creatures, Deathclaw, Wasteland Workshop

With the new DLC "Wasteland Workshop" you now have the option to catch and tame of all creatures of the wasteland in Fallout 4. This includes even the deathclaw. But how does this works? Our guide has the answers.

Fallout 4: catch and tame monsters - Basics

After you have downloaded and launched the DLC "Wasteland Workshop", you will notice the new category cages in your settlements workshop menu. Here you can find cages of various sizes and shapes, all of which are intended for different creatures and even humans. Here you can catch following people, creatures and animals:

Mole Rat
Mutant Hound
Feral Ghoul
Super Mutant
Yao Guai

For each type of creature you need a different cage. In addition, you have the cages repair again after a successful catch. It provides best in your settlements, which have a high conservation value because of being attacked, the chance increases with each additional monster in your settlement.

Creatures tame: the Beta Wave Emitter

The capture of monsters is just the first step. So you may be able to tame, you need the Beta Wave emitter, which you can build on the workshop menu. To build it, you may need the following perks:

Animal Friend Perk  Requires 5 Charisma points Animal Friend: You have the chance to calm animals, if you aim at them.
Wasteland Whisperer Perk Requires 9 Charisma points Badlands Whisperer: You have the chance to calm a wasteland creature, if you aim at them.

For the actual construction you need then a generator for the power supply and the following materials:

5x Copper
8x Aluminum
4x Crystal
3x Circuits
5x Nuclear Material
2x Rubber

To catch and tame a creature

- Go into a well-guarded community of you and choose from the workshop menu for the construction of the cage for the creature want to catch.
- Place the cage. Also note that each cage requires meat as bait.
- Now choose in the cage the subsection Miscellaneous and select the Beta Wave emitter.
- Placed it near your cage.
- Now build out a generator to power.
- Connect now the Beta Wave emitter and the cage with the generator.
- Now your animal trap is completely established.
- Lie down now and sleep for 24 hours. It should never take longer than a week, until you have caught a monster. So Lie down to sleep again and wait until the cage is full.
- Return to your settlement and you should have made a catch.

Thanks to the Beta Wave emitter you can open the cage safely. The tamed creature comes out of his cage and walk through your settlement. Now it can protect your settlement or can use it as a fighter in the arena.

Here's how to catch the Deathclaw

As a player if you are not satisfied with the flock, but want to catch really big monsters like the Deathclaw then here it the process:

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