LG K10: LG Backup - transfer data from your old smartphone

Have you recently purchased a new LG K10 Android Smartphone and wondering how to transfer your contacts and other valuable data from your old smartphone to new phone, well the LG has created a new mechanism, the LG Backup, that greatly facilitates this task. With the app, you can send files from your old Android device to LG K10 very simply.

Learn in this tutorial, transferring data using the LG Backup. Remember that the two smartphones should be installed with the LG Backup app, internet connection and battery above 30%.

Step 1. Go to "Settings," then tap "Backup and recovery." Then tap "LG Backup".

Step 2. Select "Copy data between devices" and then "Receive data" to transfer your old phone files for LG K10.

Step 3. At the other phone, open the app and tap "Copy data to a new device." Then go to "Start".

Step 4. LG K10, set whether you will receive files from an LG phone or other Android device. In this tutorial, the procedure was run on another Android phone. Then tap "Start."

Step 5. At the other phone, select the LG K10 as the device that will receive the files. And accept the invitation to connect K10.

Step 6. In the old smartphone, select the types of files you want to send. You can transfer calls, messages, audio, contacts, music, pictures, videos and documents. Then tap "Next" that the transfer will begin.

Step 7. The LG device will start receiving the files. When the transfer finished, tap "Done" on the other phone.

The K10 LG will restart and then you can access the data that was transferred.

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