Play Dark Souls 3 in Co-op / multiplayer - guide

In Dark Souls 3 you can play along with your friends cooperatively, and you can call up to four players to explore the dark world. The Souls games have always been a special challenge and play in coop you have to meet certain requirements. First, you need to set a password with which you can easily determine with whom you play.

Coop Options

In Dark Souls 3, flashing symbols / signs indicate the other players and your friends on the ground, the white sings on the floor show coop ready players. Mostly you will find these signs at the beginning of each level, because the enclosed areas (the ones where you have defeated the bosses) no longer can explore together. In addition, you can keep the bosses out right in front of the entrances. There, more players are on the Co-op.

If you have friends with whom you want to play the Dark Souls 3, then you can arrange to meet them at selected points in the game. If the key is displayed, then you need to press it to summon another player. But before you pick players see whether their equipment and weapons fit or could be helpful to you.

On the other hand you have to summon players, so you can help others in Co. This means that you can put your white characters to play with friends, or to help other players. Search Shrine Maiden in Firelink shrine and buy white soapstone Sign for 500 souls. With this object you can leave summon / white sign on the ground so that other players can see. If the icon is gray, you are in an area where you cannot play together. Get you another player, he appears at the bottom and you will be teleported into his world.

Making friends with password

If you want to contest with your friends and not with foreign players in Dark Souls 3, then you can do it by using a specified password. If you have played the Bloodborne, then you are familiar with this.

- Open the options menu and select the Network tab.
- Navigate down to enter the password.
- For this to work, both players should use the same password in the same area.
Now you will be able to call or even summon your friends.

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