Dark Souls 3 all Illusory / Destructible Wall Locations

To find destructible walls in Dark Souls 3 is a little more difficult than the previous version. Like in Dark Souls 2, still you have to press a button when you stood against such illusion walls. In our guide, we show you the locations of all destructible walls in Dark Souls 3.

Illusory walls to hidden areas / secret doors 

First of all, you should make sure that you take your best weapons in finding a destructible wall in Dark Souls 3. You may choose a weapon like uchigatana / washing pole to break illusion walls. The following is a list of all destructible walls in Dark Souls 3.

- Illusory wall in Firelink Shrine: Directly under the roof of the firelink shrine located on shore, close to the bridge and there you will find a Estus Shard. Go to the middle of the beam and then left. To get into this area, you need the Tower Key that will cost you 20, 000 souls. (Fund: Silver snake ring - increases the number of souls for killing enemies).

- Illusory wall at the old Wolf of Farron: In the field road of sacrifices near bonfire: old Wolf of Farron you will find another illusion wall. If you are in the room where you can take the oath at the Old Wolf of Farron, then look up. One of the corners holds an object. Hit the wall and you will get the item.

- Illusory wall - high priest Sulyvahn: If you have defeated the boss, then go through the large square, which is covered with corpses of dead giants. On the other side you enter into a house and strike off the illusion back wall into the left corner. (Fund: Oath "Aldrich's True" Ring of Favor (defeated for the crystal lizards), the scum and bonfire water supply).

- Illusory wall 1 at the Demon Ruins: you reach silk in the catacombs of Carthus at the bonfire foyer of the Old King, you see in the same room, a wall that is not covered with roots - this is the illusion wall. Fund: Estus Shard.

- Illusory wall 2 at the Demon Ruins: From bonfire at demons ruins you go into a hall where you will find three mages. Take the stairs to the ground floor and go into the passage on the right. Run to the end and there you will fin another illusion wall: (Sword of the Black Knight).

- Illusory wall 3 at the Demon Ruins: Here you will find two destructible walls. The bonfire demon ruins deep in the area in where you will meet a huge rat. On the left side you can turn and find a treasure chest, behind which the second illusion wall is the first wall. (Fund: Izalith rod).

- Illusory wall in Irithyll of Nordwindtals: Go to the fight against the high priest Sulyvahn to the lower level of the church and hit there a on the great wall. (Fund: Magic claw ring).

- Illusory wall in Untended Graves: Once you have defeated the final boss in castle Lothric, go until the end of the arena and destroy the wall behind the treasure chest. In this way you can get into the secret area Untended graves, behind this you will find illusion wall.

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