Play Rocket League in split screen - guide

The answer to the question of whether one can play the Rocket League in split screen is quite simple - yes, you can. With up to three friends, sitting on the couch and enjoy the football racing game experience on a console even without an internet connection.

Rocket League: Split Screen and modes

If you play the game in split screen, then you have the opportunity to compete together against bots or in small groups up to today. With up to four players, you can try the following combinations on a split screen:

- Single: 1 vs. 1
- Double: 2 vs. 2
- Standard: 3 vs. 3
- Chaos: 4 vs. 4

The screen becomes smaller, although with every additional player and is divided in four players into four equal levels.

Rocket League play in split screen (online)

If the screen area is too small to play with four, then you can play it on two PlayStation 4 split screens and play yet with four friends. For this you need an Internet connection and PS Plus membership. The screen then splits in about half.

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