Quantum Break: Jack's time-manipulation abilities at a glance

In Quantum Break, you experience a mix of video game and TV series. It is all about the time, the protagonist Jack Joyce also can control time. Here he stands different timers, called Chrono skills.

Jack Joyce was at the wrong time, wrong place. He should be in Thailand, but returned to his native Riverside to help his friend Paul. The whole thing went ultimately awry: Paul’s alleged time machine exploded and Jack was in the middle. From this point, he has six-time abilities in Quantum Break to manipulate time and defeat enemies.

Quantum Break: With weapons and Time Manipulation

In Quantum Break Jack Joyce makes a lot of enemies throughout the game - most of them are soldiers of Monarch Solutions. To defeat these opponents somehow, you have a small selection of weapons and grenades.

Jack’s timer or Chrono skills avail you a great deal if you have many enemies in front of you. So you can, for example, stop time or spot enemies and loot easily. The forces you learn gradually to know during the game and are allowed to try immediately to enemies. The mix of all time staff makes you an invincible time manipulation.

These are the timers in Quantum Break

Overall, you and Jack, six different timers are available, which you can use in addition to the pistol, an assault rifle or the MP:

- Time Stopper: Jack can use this to freeze a certain area in front of him. This power you get early in Quantum Break. Use this attack to freeze enemies in front of you and stock up on bullets.

- Time Dodge: To flash and sprint as fast as possible while your opponent goes in slow motion. So quickly travels short distances. Use these time ability in Quantum Break to come quickly to ammunition to an opponent or a cover.

- Time Shield: The Time Shield is particularly useful if you are vulnerable. It creates a shield around you. Although it does not last very long, but you have enough time to recharge.

- Time Blast: It is a strong attack that requires quick recharging. Jack encounters an explosive blast from the knock nearby enemies and can cause severe damage.

- Time Vision: Jack learns this useful time ability very quickly. It raises grenades, ammunition, weapons and other important objects out blue, while opponents are shown in red. It only works if you do not move. Once you move, the Vision is gone. If the symbol flashes the way on the right screen, can discover close secrets.

- Time Rush: This time power is perfected. It freezes the time completely for a brief moment. Take the opponents immediately in close combat or steal their weapon. Also, you can use the time stopper to position yourself somewhere else and to think about how you will defeat your enemies.

You can also improve Jack’s timers, so they look longer or more. In the following video you can see how the Quantum Break-makers have developed the sound design for the various timers:

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