Quantum Break: beginner’s guide

Quantum Break is the latest video game from the Remedy Entertainment, released for Xbox One and PC. The game challenges players with puzzles and battles spread by just under 10-hour campaign. If you just started playing Quantum Break and want to know how to do well? We have prepared this tutorial with some useful tips that will help you to level up faster in the new title from the makers of Alan Wake.

Be cautious in combat scenes

During the campaign Quantum Break, you must face hundreds of enemies. Even with the powers of the character, go through them will not exactly be easy.

It is very important to use the game's cover system to avoid being hit. When you press Y, you can find out the exact location of the enemies in scenarios.

Abilities / Skills

As you progress in the story, you can unlock new abilities for Jack. To improve performance, evaluate your style of play and invest points in the abilities you use most often.

Try different weapons

You can find a good variety of weapons, all left by enemies after kill. They have different characteristics and can yield very well in different situations.

Be sure to try the models and find out which one is right for you. Machine guns are fast and imprecise, while rifles are powerful and well-aimed. Shotguns are ideal for tight spots.

Watch episodes of the campaign

Among the acts of Quantum Break, players can choose to watch the live action episodes of the game, showing the plot more deeply. Although optional and long, these episodes leave the game even more interesting and engaging, and explain some events of the campaign.

Attention to puzzles

You will need to solve a series of small puzzles during the campaign, and most of them involve the Jack's time manipulation powers. If you encounter difficulties, try pressing Y and look around to notice objects or highlighted areas.

Jack's powers

It is not rare to find in the middle of a combat against multiple enemies without places to hide. In these moments, Jack's time manipulation powers are essential and very efficient. Do not forget to appeal to the different character skills, such as shields and stun shots.

Make the right choices

At times, you must make choices that can change the course of Quantum Break campaign. These choices cannot be changed later, so must be made with caution. Watch the two explanatory videos before selecting the way forward, using the LB and RB buttons control.

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