Quantum Break - node / decisions and impact guide

In Quantum Break, you will have to make decisions, leading to different effects. The consequences of this have an effect on the story in the game and series to the same extent. In following, we show you all four nodes in the game, their decisions and the impact on the rest of the game.

Caution - Spoiler!

Quantum Break: First Class (Node 1)

In the first act of Quantum Break you reach a point at which the experiment fails. Then Paul Serene has to make a decision - you have the choice between Hardline and PR approach. Decide for Hard Line, you have these consequences:

- All witnesses are killed. The news on the televisions, in the background accordingly.
- In the following series, Episode - Amy is killed and Nick rescued. He is your companion.
- In act 4-1 the townspeople Monarch not help and it breaks chaos.

Decide for PR, it has these consequences for the rest of Quantum Break:

- You start a PR campaign. The news on the televisions, in the background, accordingly.
- Amy agrees with the PR campaign and is not kill.
- Residents in Act 4-1 understand for Monarch and support him.

Second decision (Node 2)

Second node in Quantum Break introduces you to a decision whose consequences and effects are not large. Here you have to decide whether Paul or Martin Hatch to talk to Jack. The decision has an impact on the discussions in the next scene of the series, but the result remains the same - Jack can escape.

Third decision (Node 3)

The third major decision in Quantum Break refers to Martin Hatch, the Sofia Amaral assumed she would have something to do with the destruction of laboratories. Here you have to determine whether Paul should believe him or not. Therefore, decisions have an impact on some lines of dialogue and on the last node. Decide of Sofia, has the following consequences:

- Afterwards you can see additional scenes in which Paul asserts the Lifeboat Protocol.
- Hatch was arrested at the end of the episode.
- Sofia survived.

Decide for Hatch that has these effects:

- Hatch was arrested at the end of the episode.
- The additional scenes you see at the end of episode 4
- Paul brings to Sofia in Episode 4

Fourth decision (Node 4)

The fourth decision depends on the episode that you met before starting. Here you can choose between control and abandonment. If you have already decided against Sofia, Paul will kill her. Otherwise Paul sends her to the lifeboat. Decide for the control, follow these consequences:

- Paul kills Sofia, let her strangle or send her to the lifeboat.
- Paul persuaded Burke to help him.
- Hatch shoots Charlie and Burke kills Hatch.
- You will meet Burke and he survives.
- Fiona accepts Charlie's post.

Select abandonment, the following happens:

- Paul slays Sofia with a paperweight or sends her to the lifeboat.
- Hatch kills Burke and Charlie survived in front of his wife.
- Burke woman shoots Hatch.
- Charlie gives essential information to Jack and helps him in to get access to the Monarch HQ.

The final battle against Paul and the consequence are independent of your decisions, as well as the end of the game.

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