lets you compete in multiplayer matches against Snake (players) from around the world. In order to give your snake a personal touch, you can equip your snake using different skins. We will show you in this guide how you can unlock the skins.

Altogether there are currently 25 skins for Whether rainbow, Stars and Stripes or Reddit Snakes, in the selection there is something for everyone. Import your own skins as officially not yet possible. Unlock the Skins, is actually quite simple.

- Go to
- Here you will find the bottom right two buttons for sharing on Twitter and Facebook.

(Note: The Share button in the top left have not the same function. Here you can even go to Facebook or Twitter. But the skin selection will not appear).

- Click on one of the buttons and share either in social Netwerk (Facebook) or on the microblogging page (Twitter).

- When you return back to the game site, you should find a new icon links below: Change Skins.
- Click on the new button above to enter to the skin selection.
- Use the arrow keys to choose between the skins. Click on Save, to save your choice. unlock skins without Facebook or Twitter

If you don’t a have Facebook or Twitter account but want to unlock new skins the, then click one of those social network buttons (Facebook or Twitter) bottom right then simply cancel or close the page before it opens. When you return to the game site, nevertheless the Skins change button should appear.

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  1. Keela Clarke Says:
  2. hey i need mod splz

  3. Rock Says:
  4. Great read! One of the best Google games for free on Android is Rise In Love. It is interesting and tough to play, you will love it!


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