Play on a server with your friends

Snakes are not commonly known as pack animals, with a small script you can play with your friends in the fight against Snake. This is made possible by a small JavaScript of Reddit user MetalMonta.

Here's how to play on a server

To play on a server, you need a browser plug-in which allows you to install JavaScripts in your browser. For this you can use Tampermonkey (Chrome) and Greasemonkey (Firefox).

If you have installed the plug-in, then you can install the multiplayer overlay.

If you have installed plug-in and JavaScript, you should see a difference already on the Home screen of Under the play button there is another box for an IP address. Here’s how to do:

- Start normal (with installed JavaScript).
- On top of the screen your friend should be able to see the server on which he landed.
- The other players must now enter the IP address and port of the other player in the IP input field on the home screen of
- Now press the GO button, and then click Play.

Play together on the smartphone

There is currently no way to specifically play with friends on a server together on Android and iOS devices, except by accident. If there is a solution, we will of course keep you up to date.

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