Stardew Valley, find / unlock all Star Drops - locations

In Stardew Valley, if you need more energy, then you have to find all the Star Drops. This pretty little fruits are in fact not only regenerate your energy but also will increase your maximum energy. What does this mean and why it is worth to find all Stardrops in Stardew Valley, learn it in the following. We also show you where to find all seven Star Drops.

You will face many challenges while looking for the Energy fruits. Your travel will lead you in caves and forests, where many monsters lurking on you.

Stardew Valley: All Star Drops with Location

Sometimes it will not be enough to reach the location of Stardrops in Stardew Valley. It may happen that you indeed achieved, but spend a lot of money for it to buy them. Therefore, we recommend you to read our GUIDE TO EARN MONEY IN STARDEW VALLEY. Some Stardrops receive as a reward for initiating and completing certain events. Check out the following list for the locations and the tasks that have to deal with to find or unlock all Stardrops.

- On the 16th day of autumn in the Stardew Valley, a Fair takes place where you can buy one of the Star Drops. To arrange this, complete as many minigames until you have reached 2,000 Silver Star tokens. That's the price for the energy crop.

- Another energy boost you get if you earned 20,000 Gold and unlock the way to the sewer. There you will find Krobus who gives you the Stardrop for precisely this sum.

- The mines have more than 100 floors, but exactly at level 100 you will discover a chest, in which you will find another Star Drops.

- The Secret Woods will also enrich your energy points, if you find the statue of Old Master Cannoli. Here you can also expect a Stardrop.

- Who does not want to get married is Stardew Valley, probably out of luck. Because no marriage means no maximum energy, since getting married and reaching the hearts of all with your husband or wife, you will also receive a Star Drop.

- The last two Stardrops you get after completing certain achievements. For "A Complete Collection" you have to donate 95 items to the museum and return you will be rewarded with an energy crop.

- "Master Angler" you reach when you have fished all kinds of fish in Stardew Valley. As the fishing works, shows up another guide. Once you have received the achievement, this is followed by a letter in your fictional home. This comes from the Fischer Willy, who rewards you with a Stardrop.

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