Stardew Valley update: Fix / Patch 1.07 details

The update 1:07 for Stardew Valley brings numerous positive gameplay changes and some bug fixes. Among them are, the wedding was refined and later married life. There are also changes in the mine.

Stardew Valley: The latest update 1:07 brings the following changes:

Friendship, Love, Wedding and Marriage:

- There are now custom dialogs with your mother and father.
- The update 1:07 also brings new dialogues with your spouse. You can speak with her during the festivities in Stardew Valley.
- Your spouse is now with you during the festivities.
- Sam, Abigail Sebastian or as a husband or wife, can go now in the saloon every Friday night.
- Your spouse now leaves in the rain no longer the house except when he or she needs to work.
- Friendships cannot fall now, when you have maximized.
- If you have collected 8 hearts for your future spouse, then the last two hearts are grayed out until you give the flower bouquet.
- Sailor Willy likes most fish dishes.


- In the shop of the Adventure's Guild, you can now buy Monster Slayer. To arrange this, defeat only a certain number of monsters in the mine.
- Now if you die in the mine, then you can only lose a maximum of 5,000 gold and you lost less items from the inventory. Even your rings retained with you.

Other fixes

- The coal stove needed now only 1x rather than 20x 10x wood for the manufacture of coal.
- The older fruit trees are produced higher-quality fruits. Here is counted in years.
- To gain access to the fruits of a fruit tree, your farmer must shake the tree now, then drops the ripe fruit.
- The Update 1:07 have lightning now unique effects on your fruit trees
- The probability of lightning hits a tree or your field, is now higher. So you absolutely needed a lightning rod, this derives from the flash, as long as it has not yet produced finished battery.
- For the in-game Game "Journey of the Prairie King" you can now use your defined movement keys.
- On the edge of the game "Journey of the Prairie King" you can also collect coins and power-ups.
- To date, the billing menu showed only a maximum of 5-digit numbers of your income at start of day, and now also 6-digit values are possible.
- You now have the option to adjust the position of the mouse precisely and can calculate to leave.

Bug fixes

- Have you forgotten tools in a chest, then they are no longer considered as a "forgotten" in the future of the farm building.
- For the Poppy Seed Muffins Recipe you need now actually Poppy.
- You can now use no more Trap Bobbers (fishing lure for fishing cages).
- If you choose the profession "Agriculturist", then it does not cause more increase of 25% on your growth rate in the use of speed-Gro.
- The price of sunflower was adapted in Joja market.
- If you have your house increases, then no more chests appear above your bed.
- There are now no more yams Snow in the desert.
- Under the section "Fishing" now appears in the billing menu after the sale also sea cucumbers.
- The update 1:07 prevents now that your farm animals get stuck in the fence.
- Now placing items has been improved for the gamepad, which means that you will now be displayed, where you can place items.
- In addition, the update 1:07 also fixed some minor bugs, including those in the dialogues and other.

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